Thursday, July 16, 2009

awesome day

Today was just awesome. Amber and Ryan got off to my mom's house. This was actually a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. See Amber is scared of people and of traveling by herself. So today I forced her to get out of her shell. She had to buy her and Ryan a train ticket, and then take the bus over to the airport. Amber had a few minor breakdown's but I walked her though everything.

I went and hung out on the beach until I got the call that she had actually made it to the airport. I know, I know, I should not need an excuse to go to the beach, but I did. I had a blast just sitting by myself and watching all the little children play in the ocean. I walked the beach and collected a ton of shell's, so I gave them to this little girl who was kinda sitting next to me. The girls mom said that they were perfect, and that she was going to put them in her bathroom back home. Turns out this family was from In. and they were just out here visiting. Well that's cool.

Nikki needed some clothing for her Vegas trip, so I took her out to goodwill. I have to confess. I found two really cute tank tops, so I bought them. I was just shocked at how much I spent, but I know if I would have bought all the stuff brand new it would have cost me and arm and a leg. I guess it is a good thing I have two of each.

Tomorrow I am going to hang out around here and get a few things done. I am not sure if Rusty is going to be home tomorrow night or Saturday night, but either way life and time march on.

I sometimes feel guilty about that but it has been that way for so long. I always go and do stuff weather Rusty is here or not. Before Rusty retired from the corp he was gone for 7 summers in a row. He missed birthday, ocean days, and everything else. I would just send him pictures. To the outside world, it might seem strange, but for me it is a way of life. A life that does not guarantee me that Rusty will be around for important and small events in our lives.

I did get to talk to Rusty for a little bit. He is doing good. He is just worn out and wants to come home. I want him to come home. While I like sleeping with my dog, I love sleeping with mu husband as well. Tonight I really miss Rusty. I hurt my shoulder today and it is just throbbing. I am a big baby and when I am hurt or sick I want my husband.

Oh well. There is no time to sick or hurt. Saturday my girlfriend and I are taking a bunch of kids to the beach. Then on Wednesday one of the marines mom's is coming to stay with us. Life marches on.

I better go take some pain meds and go feed the babies. Life is good.


Paula said...

Kelli you're the busiest lady I know. Could you send me some of that energy? Hope the kids enjoy their visit with your Mom and you can do something you want.

Traci said...

Sitting on the beach sounds wonderful. Glad you had fun and that Amber got out of her comfort zone! It's good for her!

Melissa said...

glad u had a good day

Gerry said...

I hope the visit to Grandma is not too bad for the kids. You need someone to give you a break. My mom could never provide that for me, as I was afraid she would kill the kids while I was gone, accidentally of course. Gerry

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