Sunday, August 9, 2009

My life

Over the last few weeks I have have an e mail conversation with a gal that takes me back to the dark days of my life. Days when I could not get out of bed and I thought that life just sucked. Then I was watching Oprah and she was talking about a gratitude journal, so I started one. Every night I would write three thing that I was grateful for. Years later I found that journal and as I flipped through it I found a day where all I could write was "the day is over". That seems like a life time ago.
On one of Rusty's deployments, I was feeling sad for myself. At that time I was friends with one of the Chaplin's on base. There in his office was a poster of a flower growing up. The flower was surrounded my cement and the caption said "bloom where you are planted." It was suggested to me that I read some books by John Maxwell. So I did, and so started my growth into a new person.
Yesterday, on facebook, I said that I was going to the beach to fly kites. A dear friend gave me the highest compliment and called me a hippy and said she was jealous. I take that as the highest compliment ever.
Yes, I am a hippy, and yes I love life. I often think back to that poster. "bloom where you are planted" O.K. so we are broke, but we do live in California, and the beach is free, so why not go play in the ocean, fly kites and just enjoy it.
But, my challenge to everyone in this world including my own children, is to live life to the fullest. Try new and exciting things. Go sit on the grass and listen to a jazz concert, pick up a local paper and see what is going on in your own community, and get involved. I have learned that life is about living and not waiting.
My life is also full of contrast. There are times when I do just pack up the children and go. Then there are times when I am just itching to get out of the house. There are times that I do go rock climbing and scare myself, then there are days when I sit and create works of art, by sewing a quilt.
My life is so not perfect and I do not hide that fact. We do have savings but not that much. Our bills are paid, and we have food, but we really have to save for the extras. That's o.k. being poor does not mean that we have to sit in the house and feel sorry for ourselves. It means that we just find cheap thing to do.
My children are learning this lesson as well. I am so glad that I raised them they way did.... broke. My children appreciate everything, and they know they have to work for what they want. I often take my children on my get up and go moments and they are just shocked at some of the places we end up. Chris is really starting to get this. He is now jumping in and joining us and he is longer saying oh poor me. To me that showes that Chris is growing and that he is learning while you may need money to get by, it does not make you happy. Happiness is found in the little moments of life.
I finally talked to Nikki yesterday and she had a great trip! Nikki did struggle with Vegas for a few day's but then she found her groove and is loving it. I have not heard all the details of her trip, but I know that she wants to go back to Vegas several more times this year.
My friend, Tim, is just so amazed at Nikki and he said that I did a great job raising her. Well thank you Tim. Tim said she is a whirl wind and that he is having a hard time keeping up with her. Tim also said that he had fun with her, since he has no children this has been an eye opener for him.
This was also sent in motion long before we ever knew it. It was just back in February that I got back in touch with Tim. Tim lives in Vegas and Nikki ended up in Vegas. Tim's house is only five blocks from the church where Nikki was working.
Today I am going to rally the troops. They have a house to clean. The boys want to go fly kites again, and One of my girlfriends and her little girl are going with us. I know that I wont always life near the ocean, so I am going to take every opportunity to go play on it while I can.
Life is good


Inge' said...

Kelli you are richer than you realize. Some people live their whole lives looking for what you have. Wonderful post!

A Bishops Wife said...

YOU are just the coolest person ever. For real.
You Rock.

Queenneenee said...

you are awesome chiquita. What a power of example you are for all those kids and those marines.

Indigo said...

I was living in Fla. when I first left home. The beach was a lifesaver in more ways than one. I miss it. Skye used to be rather spoiled (thanks to her grandparents from her dad's side). These days she works for everything. She spent the last year married yet on her own with her husband in Iraq. It was an eye opening experience to have to deal with life on lifes terms. (Hugs)Indigo

a corgi said...

awesome testimony for yourself Kellie!! you have come a long way baby!!! and it is awesome that you have raised 3 wonderful kids!!!


Traci said...

I was in a funk around the time that Oprah did her gratitude journals too. I started one and life started turning around!
I do love the way that you live, chica. Just reading your blog gives me hope. I still haven't forgotten to call you. How does tomorrow sound?

Rose said...

life can be wonderfully exciting if I chose to look at it that way. mine is never boring that's for sure!

A Bishops Wife said...


TC said...

I agree, live life to the fullest. It is time again for this weeks challenge. Change The World Wednesday. I linked to your blog on my post you can check it out here. che
If you like you can link back. Join in this week.

Gerry said...

The ocean video you made was so refreshing to look at, and I love the quote, bloom where you are planted. My TV broke down and I thought today, I am not going to buy another one right away, I am going to see what happens without one. It will be years since I went without and you always end up watching some crap. This was an entry I enjoyed very much, because the philosophy is so right on. I used to take my grandson Dante to the park all the time and I had to talk him into flying kites. Ha. But every year we would get a different one, why not when you are so close to a great park for flying kites. (No high wires and lots of open field) When I was in San Diego tending him when he was 3 he insisted we got to the beach, go along the pier and see all the fishermen fishing and then we would play in the sand. I find myself remembering those moments the most clearly when I was in San Diego. Gerry

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