Thursday, August 6, 2009

hanging out

This is a picture of me hanging out with some of my boys. Life is funny. I never wanted boys and now I have a house full of them, well for a while anyway.
I am done with all of the boys quilts, so that must mean one thing, they are all getting ready to leave. We have no set dates yet, but soon. It still sucks no matter how many times I do this.
I talked to Nikki on Monday. She is really struggling with this trip, so I called her other parents and talked to them for a bit. They said that they also talked to Nikki and got the impression that she was struggling. This trip is very different for Nikki. Yes it is here in the states, but there something like 500 people on this trip! Nikki does not have the security of her friends this year. I know that Nikki will be fine. This trip is really pushing her to get out of her box, and that is scary for all of us. One thing I do know for sure is that this trip will change her, as all of her trips do. I can't wait to hear all about this trip.
I also found out that Nikki had called Chris. I asked Chris to not take any of her calls, and I asked Nikkis other parents to please get in touch with someone out there and make sure that the cell phones are off. I don't mind Nikki calling Chris, but I feel he is the wrong person to call when you need support. Chris was never allowed to do anything without his parents watching him. So he has no idea what it is like to be in strange city and to be on a missions trip. This is nothing against Chris, it is what it is.
Speaking of Chris, he is doing great and he thrilled to have a job! That's right Rusty got him a job working with him. It is only part time, but hey it is a job and it pays $10 an hour, and he will be able to ride with Rusty to and from work. Chris said "the first thing I am going to save for is a camera. I want one like yours." For the record, I have a canon rebel. Expensive, yes, but it was given to us. Then he said "After boot camp I am going to go set up a phone and buy a lap top." I reminded him to make sure that he puts money aside so he can come home for the holidays. Right now life is good for Chris, and I can't wait for him to get a little taste of success.
Amber is still looking for a job. Rusty has talked to a few different people just trying to get her on someplace, and she is applying for jobs down on the base. Amber was a little bit angry that Rusty did not give her the job, but I explained to Amber that she really does not want to work there. It is hot back breaking work. I keep saying it and I will say it again, something will turn up. Right now Amber just wants a job and a few benefits.
I have been keeping my eyes and ears open for a job for myself as well. I am not looking for anything great. I would like to make $100 a week. Just something to give me some spending and saving money. More saving, since the coast of college keeps going up. We will see. I hope Amber gets a job before I do.
Next weekend there is this motor cross thing going on down at base, and Chris and Amber want to go. So I called my girlfriend, and she is going to bring the triplets up. I have a feeling we are going to be having a lot of people going, so one of the kids said well we can go to the beach after we are done there. True, we could, so I talked to my girlfriend and we are thinking pizza on the beach. That would be a cool dinner. It should be a good time.
I have been trying to drop a few pounds. I would love to drop 20 pounds by November, so that I can put on a little something to wear to the ball. I have either been walking every night or swimming. Either way I have increase my exercise level, and I have cut my calories, so we will see. If I don't drop the weight, that is fine as long as I look more toned. Note to self: start looking for the dress now. we all know what a cheap ass you are and we all know you won't buy anything new.
Since I am trying to drop a few pounds I decided that Rusty should too. Rusty really does not need to. He 6'2" and is 190 pounds. Not bad, but I have been adding more fruit and vegi's to his lunch. I have to find someway to stretch the left overs.
I would like to know how some people do it. I have four teens in the house and next to our house food is our biggest bill. Amber said "well look on the bright side you wont have to feed Chris, Nikki and Ryan lunch anymore." I had to correct her. Yes I will be feeding Chris lunch because even when he works, he still has to eat. So I will have to make more dinner and hope I can stretch it into two lunch's. Nikki and Ryan can eat at school, but if NIkki goes back to playing sports they food bill will take another hit. I just thank God for good deals on food.
My babies don't think they are babies anymore. They can now eat big kitty food as long as it is wetted down. they use the big kitty box, and they have learned to scale our bed so they can sleep in it. The little one with the eye problems is doing very well, and I just know she will be fine when she goes to her new home. So now they are just hanging out and growing.
Today I am going to try to get up to Nikki's room which is totally trashed and go through her stuff. I am such a bad mom. If I am forced to clean a room I will clean it with trash bags. So I am going to do some of that today. I know that she has stuff she does not wear, and stuff she has not seen in a very long time, so it is time for all of that stuff to find a new home, and will be every so happy to help it along.
I think I am going to go do some sewing. Everyone is still sleeping. I think I am the only person that is up at this horrible time of the morning. But on the bright side I can at least get some sewing done and not have to listen to everyone bitch about everything.
Life is good


Paula said...

Wow you were up early girl and had a lot to say. Hope you got your sewing done.

a corgi said...

good for Chris for working! that was nice that Rusty got him the job; Chris (more than Amber, even though Amber needs it too) needs some good morale boosts since he's had a hard time these past several months. Amber still has you guys, whereas he's "lost" his family because of his mom's actions. So I'm glad he's going to have some "pocket change" and has plans for further purchases after boot camp.

so sorry Nikki is having a hard time with this trip, but you are right it will be a good growing experience for her; when does she come back?

things will open up soon for Amber with jobs (I keep telling son same thing too, LOL). But when they finally get one, they will really appreciate it and do the best they can as workers (at least that's my hope for son) since it took so long to get one.

You know, I did see a job on the website for the college that Amber goes to; it was for a fulltime job in the child care department; it didn't sound too bad money wise, but I think it already closed for applications or if not, it closes today, can't remember

if I hear of anything part-time like you want, I'll let you know


moshell's lilbit of space said...

Hey girl, starting looking for dresses on Ebay...a couple years ago I had to get a formal gown for my nieces high end wedding & I got a great one for $10.00 - NO KIDDING.

I searched for awhile, but it was so worth it.

Gerry said...

I hope your daughter does not suddenly think of something she wants to wear you have gathered up until she can forget all about that item of clothing. I sometimes dont wear an outfit for 2 yeaers because I think everyone has seen it, then suddenly it is new to all the new people again! Job hunting for the young is a drag this year it seems, everywhere because so many are out of work. Hope everyone who is looking eventually finds something. I always enjoyed the time I did not get a job so much! Gerry

Missie said...

I love the picture of you and the boys!

Have a good Friday!

Melissa said...

love that pic

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