Thursday, August 27, 2009

no grocery getter and the beach

Well, it has been a rather eventful few days. As usual I take it all in stride, while Rusty stresses over some of it.
The fuel pump went out on my car. I don't really care. I have lived without a car before and I can live without one again.
However, the car died at the grocery store. So Chris calls Rusty. Rusty had been gone for a while, so I called him. He said that he was looking for a tow rope. I just asked him why since we have AAA and they will tow us for free. Rusty hung up on me. Now he is looking around for the cheapest fuel pump, I am just thinking whatever.
I know it is a guy thing, but I just don't care. Sell the car, push it off a mountain, I can still hang, besides it would save us money. Rusty will get the darn fuel pump come hell or high water, and I will still only put 10 miles a week on the car.
I called and left a message for the principal of Ryan's school. The next day Ryans teacher called me. She is so young and perky and she called me before I had my second cup of coffee! In my nicest yet harsh voice I said "I left a message for the principal, not you. I do not wish to speak to you, I want to speak with the principal." I hung up on her.
Yesterday the principal called me. Now she and I go way back, and at one point our husbands even served together. So I listened to what she had to say then I just laid it on the line. I simply said "You assured me that they teacher could speak read and write in English, so she should not have any trouble understanding the terms of the IEP. No I don't care if Ryan is the only child in the class with a calculator. Maybe the other parents should request one. No he is not suppose to use it "check" his work. He is suppose to use it to do his work. I am working my way up the chain of command. My next stop will be district." She assured me that Ryan will have his calculator and that there will be no need for me to go to district. So we will see.
I had to deal with Ryan's b.o. problem. For whatever reason he refuses to wear deodorant. So I told him that the first I smelled him I was taking away everything and that he would get sit in his room and stare at the walls all night. Well, he is now putting on his deodorant, but is wearing dirty clothes. So last night I asked him if he is suppose to wear dirty clothes and he said no. So for the rest of the week I am going to pick out his clothes. Ryan is not happy, but he will learn.
Today is going to be a great day. I am meeting my girlfriend and we are heading to the ocean. This is a big girl trip, and I can't wait to spend some time with her. Last week my girlfriend found out that she was laid off, so she is now looking for a new job. I am sure that she needs to blow off some steam and just relax, so the beach will be perfect.
I have two baby kittens sleeping right above the keyboard. I can't believe how big they are! I think I am going to take them back to the shelter next week.
Amber is in a math class with a gal that use to live down the street. She is a good person and her parents are "rough" on her. They will not help her at all. So this gal and her family moved last summer and now they live close to the college. So last night Amber mentioned that she is now picking this gal up and giving her a ride to school. That's my girl. Show compassion. Amber also loaned this gal her text book since she can't afford to buy one. I told Amber that I will buy her a math book. We found this place on line called and they sell college text books for $5 plus shipping. I can afford to buy this gal a book.
I also mentioned to Amber that this is the type of gal I am proud to know. She will do whatever it takes to go to college, even if she has to walk 2 miles each way, and borrow books. Good for her!
I am back to following the flylady. My home is not cluttered, but it sure could use a deep cleaning. This week we are in the master bedroom. So I took 15 minutes and ventured into the abyss that is our closet. For just 15 minutes I went through some stuff. Before I opened the door I knew right away what I wanted to get rid of. So I grabbed that stuff, and the headed for my crate of winter tops. I got rid of about half of that. Then I looked at Rustys side of the closet and I grabbed a lot of shirts that I swear were standing by them self.
Nikki is my pack rat and my messy child. So I handed her two grocery sacks. I said "fill one up with trash and the other with clothes. She was done in just a few minutes. I guess I can make small dents. Then Amber grabbed a sack and cleaned out her sweaters.
Everyday I am posting more the stuff up on freecycle. I am just glad that someone is getting some use out of the stuff. Now I have to tackle the boxes that Rusty has not unpacked yet. That should be fun.
I sent my shrink an e mail laying out all of my concern about my mom and GCC coming for Christmas. Yes, I agree with everyone, this is a tragedy in the making. My concerns go a lot further then just food. Rusty listened while I laid them all eat. Rusty did say that we need to lay down the law as far as eating goes. So I am going to take what my shrink said and think on it some more, and then I will make my decision. I have to do what is best for my family, and I will not do that uninformed.
Time to go pack for the beach.


Queenneenee said...

I just love reading your posts Kellie-I am right there with you on the school issues. Its a battle but it needs to be fought. Keep on advocating for Ryan. Oh and good luck with the BO problem. Fortunately my kid uses half a can every damn day. Too much. Better than none I suppose. Have a fun day at the beach ya bum

Inge' said...

I don't think I could function without my car! I drive too much to go without one.

I am glad that you are getting things settled for Ryan at school. School is full of enough issues as it is.

Good luck with your cleaning!! I am still doing the same here. It seems to be never ending.

LYN said...

you're such a good mum..
i just should read it...

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