Friday, August 7, 2009

eco friendly friday

Here it is another Friday, and another chance to suggest some small ways that we can all help. Reduce footprints ( on my side bar) suggest we all vegan one day a week.

Now for me this is not that hard, but for my husband it is. He loves his meat and he refuses to give it up. That is fine if you are like him, so let me suggest a few other things.

Since I am now having to cook more so that I can have left overs for Rusty and Chris's lunch I have had to get creative. Meat is expensive and I don't feel that they need more meat, so this week I have been just adding more vegi's to whatever I cook.

Last night I made chicken stew. I added an extra can of green bean's instead of adding extra meat. I have started packing Rusty more fruit. Rusty was complaining that he was getting hungry late in the afternoon. So I got grapes and apples and they now go in his lunch so he can snake while he drives.

By adding more fruit and vegi's I am able to stretch our food bill, eat less meat and I am able to get some more good whole foods into my family.

So if you are like me, and you have a strict meat other try cutting them back without them knowing it! I can go vegan and not miss the meat at all.

So what have I done this week to green up my home?

1. All that used plastic ware was sent into work with Chris and Rusty. I saved it from the landfill for a little while.

2. I freecycled a ton of stuff this week. At least that stuff will also be reused before it hits the land fills.

3. Rusty got Chris a job with him, so that they could car pool. We were wondering how we were going to work out the car issue once Chris got a job, now we don't have to wonder any more.

4. I am using old sheets as material for the quilt that I am working on.

5. A girlfriend asked me how to make laundry soap and a few other things, so she will now be making all of her own stuff!

We can change the world one person at a time.

Tell me, what you have done this week?


a corgi said...

that is good to go vegan one day a week! I think I'll have to creatively think of some things to make meatless; very good suggestion

I don't think I did anything different than just recycle this week; but we aren't spending money so we aren't driving as much so that's a good thing, right!

enjoy the weekend; I'm glad it cooled off for a few days :)


Paula said...

I have to agree with Rusty I love my meat but I do recycle as much as possible.

Small Footprints said...

I love that ... "changing the world, one person at a time". :)

I've said this before to you but ... it's worth saying again ... what I really like about your attitude is that you do what you can. If members of your family won't go vegan for a day or a meal ... then you just cut back. It's all about balance and doing what we can because all those little changes add up to big results. Yay, Kelli! You rock!

Small Footprints

Melissa said...

great tips

Kathryn Magendie said...

Visiting from SF place!

I try to do the "little" things as well as some "big things"

We don't have AC, so I feel that's a good thing.....

I don't keep the water running while washing dishes, or brushing my teeth, etc!

I turn off lights when not in use

We try to run our errands all at once to save on car usage


Gerry said...

Well, I gave away the chunk of cheese I got in the poor people's box, because I ate way too much of it in one day. Cheese was my downfall as I learned to love it as a child because my parents had a cheese factory for nearly 3 years! Soy cheese is not as good, but I don't crave it. Ha. Gerry

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