Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am so proud

Here is another video. This one I am showing everyone some of my quilts. I just love it when people give me bags of scrap because I just let the creative juices flow. Hey Betty, a lot of these quilts were made from the bag of the material that you gave me. Some people said that they are having trouble viewing the videos, so you can go to me you tube channel. Go to youtube and type in noonmom.

I have been trying to get a pet quilt a day done. Now that I have some "down" time, I figured this would be a good time to really get the shelter stocked up. I am also trying to get ahead on my quilts for the shut ins.

Last year around Christmas time I found a tree that had seniors names and wishes on it. I was so shocked at the fact that a lot of these seniors were asking for necessities. So I did pull a few names off the tree, but I said that I wanted to make twelve lap blankets for the seniors. That is only one a month, and that would be doable. I would like to get them done early and have them delivered by December first. Actually I am going to put them in the drop box, so no one will know who made them.

Amber started her college classes yesterday and I must say that I very proud her. Amber originally signed up for a math class, but she signed up at the wrong campus. So yesterday when she discovered this she immediately went and found the same class at the right campus and she had the teacher add her. Amber also went over to the resource center and asked about getting a tutor, Yep they have free tutors there! Amber is not one to just go and ask for help. She will usually call me and ask me what she should do. I am so glad that Amber id taking some initiative and trying to figure things out for herself. That right there showes me that she is really starting to mature.

Nikki is liking being back in a public high school. I am glad. To me it really does not matter as long as she is learning and doing well. Nikki thrives off being around other people and being surrounded by friends.

Jake, one of the marines, left yesterday. He is now out of the marines, but I have a feeling that he will be back here before to much longer. Jake is a good kid and I just love being around his mom and step dad. They did such an awesome job with him.

The girls get state aid for their medical, and Amber got cut off earlier this year. I thought that was that, but it turns out that they can stay on state aid until the turn 21 as long as they live here. So I need to refill out some paper work, which they swear they sent me, and then I can get the girls back on aid. Now the reason they get state aid is because their sperm donor is not in the house. Here is the catch. The state is trying to say that the girls have insurance through their sperm donor and they even gave us a policy number. So now I have been trying to hunt down all this information. Why am I doing a social workers and the d.a. job? No one will really tell me anything, but if I was the d.a. they would tell me everything. Oh all of this makes my head hurt.

Anyway, life is good


diane d said...

I am so jealous!!! I wish I had the time and mainly the talent and creativity to do that!!! They are all beautiful!!

a corgi said...

love the video, Kellie (and the shirt you were wearing, very cute on you) so talented you are!!! I know every single quilt is made with a bit of love too! glad the scraps could be of use! (did Mr. Cadillac drop some other stuff off for you; he said he was going to but I forgot to ask him and he's still sleeping, LOL)

good for Amber!! she's growing up; she'll do just fine with asking for help and problem solving!

coffee should work next week; we'll see how it goes when the week begins


Gerry said...

I watched the video and admired your extreme ambition in making this many quilts. I bet they will make lovely lap quilts. I always have a lap afghan. They re great for airconditioning for the elderly. But a lap quilt would do just as well. You look good in the video, too, very fetching. I will remember your youtube name in case I can't hear some dialogue I want to. Gerry

kanishk said...

I know every single quilt is made with a bit of love too! glad the scraps could be of use! (did Mr. Cadillac drop some other stuff off for you.
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