Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here they are

Here is my newest batch of kittens. They are Jamison, Otis, Shadow and Latte. All boys! I was suppose to get some babies that were already on food but then these guys came in right before we got to the shelter. Since bottle feeders are harder to place I took them. This is the best job I never get paid for.
There is not to much new going on here. Amber and her boyfriend broke up. The first few day's were hard, but now she is over it. Amber said to me "I use to laugh when you and Rusty would dance in the kitchen, but that is the kind of love that I want. I could never see us dancing in the kitchen." I guess my children are watching even if I don't think they are.
Nikki is still looking for another job, but as of yet is not having much luck. I know something will come along. Nikki is also trying to figure out how to graduate next year, and wants to take some college classes because they would double as high school credits as well. I think this is a huge mistake. I know that she is biting off more then she can chew, however I can't say that to her. So I am keeping my mouth shut. Nikki would not listen to me anyway, so I am not even going to waste my breath. Lets face it, she is 17 knows everything.
Can you believe that Amber is getting ready to turn 19! Am I really that old? Age does not bother me, I just can't believe how fast my children are growing up.
Yes Paula it is so hot here as well, and yes I am buying Christmas gifts already. I try to buy throughout the year so that I am not doing it all at the last minute. It works for us, so we just keep doing it that way.
I am thinking about trying to quite smoking. I have been tracking my patterns. I smoke more in the mornings and when I am in the car. I have started to control how much I smoke in the morning, and I am going to look into some stop smoking aids. It is time for me to make a huge life style change.
I over heard Chris and Nikki talking, so I had to ask a question. Chris and his sister went to spend mothers day with some of their "family" and they really laid a load of crap on him. His grandmother and Aunt are very upset that he is joining the military. They think he should just get a job and go to college. This really got Chris pissed. I don't blame him.
I just can't like his family. Get a job? O.K. he has been trying, and there are no jobs around here. Go to college? O.K. who is going to pay for that? Chris has no job, and no parents who are willing to help him. If his "family" was so concerned about him then why in the hell didn't any of them offer to take him in?
Chris is still signing the papers as soon as he graduates. He is actually excited about this. Chris is looking forward to being able to pay his own cell phone bill, and to have some money of his own. I can't blame him.
My day is calling me. I have laundry to get done, babies to feed and dinner to cook. I an hoping to get some sun time today, but my major goal is to finish a quilt top. I am almost done with it, so .....


Lisa said...

Awwwww Kelli, the kittens are adorable, Regarding Chris it's always the families they never want to help out that complain the most, Chris will probably be happier away from them, Hugs Lisa

Gerry said...

I know its hard to quit smoking but you wouldn't be sorry health wise as you get older and then there is the money to be saved. I hope I can figure out how to be very supportive to you. It's easy to have a strong opinion which requires no effort from you, so I would not pay too much attention to those. My son Dan went into the navy and even though he had some problem with the military way of life and with being sea sick he saw the world as he would never have seen it othewise. He still keeps in touch with his buddies who will be life long friends even though they live across the nation. And it also educated his family about supporting the military and thinking about these guys who can't find a job actually signing on for the one defending our country no matter where they send them. With 9/11 we had to learn all over again that we need those guys because the terrorists are never going to stop turning up willing to do the worst possible things to achieve their goals. I see it as like being a cop, both very dangerous jobs but necessary. Gerry

Indigo said...

They're adorable! I would take in a litter in a heartbeat, but Paul is off school in a few weeks and...well he's enough to deal with. I love the what Amber said about wanting the kind of love you and Rusty have. I think kids see way more than we realize. (Hugs)Indigo

Pamela said...

The kitties are soooo cute!! And I love the names you chose. You come up with good names.
I agree, our kids see more than we know. My son watches, and he's so quiet. I know he's absorbing things I'm not even aware of.
Good luck to Chris. I hope it's the right decision for him.
Have a great day.

moshell's lilbit of space said...

the kitties are SO freaking cute!!! and no smoking went down the drain (23 days) so I must restart....just have no gumption.

I didn't even realize you did hardest thing was being at home I swear....the sitting, and just wanting one so bad while there.

Let me know a day....I may try again with you. we can be long distance supporters.

Melissa said...

i love kitties. dancing in the kitchen is cute

Traci said...

The kittens are so sweet. Good luck with your girls. You do have your hands full right now with them. I'll be there before we know it!

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