Monday, May 18, 2009

No tears here!

So here is my girlfriend and I reading some of the names. You can really see the sun burn on my nose!
I was able to make it through the whole reading without any tears. I was very proud of myself and I know that this is something that I will do again.
I also learned a lot from doing this roll call. It will take the national cemetery one week of people reading for 24 hours straight to call off every name of the veterans laid to rest there.
The people that organized this are from a motor cycle club. This group goes around to funerals and they carry big flags. They will them form a circle around the gave sight so that they family can mourn in peace. I have seen pictures of this group in action and it is really cool to see all the flags opened up and pulled tight. You can see nothing but a ring of flags.
Yes, this will go on my list of things I have done and things I will do again.
My babies are getting so big and they are keeping me one my toes. Two of them have learned to climb out of the crate, and they are all litter box trained. Now all I have to do is get them weened. I will start that in a few weeks.
I spoke to my mom last night. I guess she is doing good, but I had to end the conversation when she started criticizing Amber for not having picked a major, and the fact that she has not started taking any of her required classes. I just reminded my mom that there are people with degrees that are working at McDonalds.
I know that Amber should be working on her required classes. I don't care that she has not picked a major. Amber struggled all through school, so I am just happy that she is taking classes. Well O.K. she has to take two classes a semester in order to live here for free, but hey, at least she is going and she will eventually find her niche.
Nikki only has a few weeks of classes left and then she will get a two week break before she starts summer school. Nikki will only be taking two classes in summer school, but it all condensed into 4 weeks of classes. I know she can do it, it is just the question of weather or not she will make herself sit down and do all of the work.
Chris is doing everything that he needs to do. He will graduate in a few weeks, and then he will enlist into the Marine Corp. We are not sure when he will be leaving for boot camp, but at least he is taking steps in the right direction.
Yesterday the children and I took the dogs down to the lake. It was so nice because there was hardly anyone there, so we had the whole beach to ourselves. I don't like it when the beach is packed. I really need my space. The puppies had a good time and the water has warmed enough that our old girl will actually get in the water and swim around.
I have been working on some quilts. I have a lot to get done, so I am doing a simple nine patch, and just using all the material that I have on hand. I can't believe that I have not reached the end of my material stash yet. Life is good when you don't have to buy material and your stash never ends!


moshell's lilbit of space said...

At least they are taking classes and working towards the end goal Kelli there are so many required classes to obtain not including what is necessary for your major....sometimes what you want to major in, just might not be your cup of I say YAY for the girls.....

Glad you read the names....I bet it was enlightening.

Lori said...

I think it's great that Amber is taking classes, too. Sometimes you don't really KNOW what you want to do at that age, so I say, get a part-time job if you can and then go to school and just take something, anything, until you figure it out. At least you're still learning, still exercising the old brain and not getting out of the habit of study. She'll do fine, I'm sure. I think it's great that you did the Roll Call. I'm sure I would have gotten too emotional. You did great!

Paula said...

The roll call is such a touching thing. It is something I would expect you would do.

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