Wednesday, May 6, 2009

phone call day

I don't really have a lot that I have to do today. It is kinda nice. I do however have a few phone calls to make, but I can do that while sitting in the sun.

Yesterday I had a few little things to get done, but for the most part I just spent the day chilling in the sun.

Yesterday however, I did shock my children. Since I got a large check from the state, I decided to give each of the children $100. (except Ryan. He would not know what to do with money.) Amber and Nikki were like cool, Chris however was in shock! I rolled up his money and stuck it in the hands of a graduation bear. He was so grateful and just could not believe that I would do that for him.

When we took Chris in we told him that we would treat him like one of our own. I guess he did not realize what all that meant. I am going to hold steady to my word and make sure that he is treated just like my children.

I do however need to tell Chris that he needs to get his mother a mothers day card. I want to teach him to be the bigger person. He does not have to put a return addy on it, and he does not have to really say anything, but he really should at least send her a card. Kindness usually kills people.

I am going to order our tickets for the museum today. The marines are just so funny. Most of them are out in the field and they keep texting us asking if we got the tickets yet and making sure that they will be out of the field in time to go. Yep. This is America's finest out there protecting your freedom, and wondering if they can go on the field trip. I love my marines.

Friday I am going to go get an eye exam and order my glasses. Then I am going to go to Joann's. They have bamboo batting on sale, and I need to get a piece of solid color material. I have decided to make myself a quilt. I think it is about time since I have had that material just sitting in a crate for at least a year. I am looking forward to spending money on me! LOL. I know it does not happen often, but sometimes you just have to.

Life is calling me. I need to go get the spaghetti sauce in the crock pot, make my phone calls, and then I can play the rest of the day.

Life is good.


Missie said...

Life is good, you're right!

Have a good evening!

Queenneenee said...

I think you are spot on with having Chris send his mom a Mothers Day card. You are a great power of example for him. Even though my sons father is a jerk, I usually make sure he sends a card or a small gift for birthdays, fathers day and what not. Poor kid gets nothing from HIM, but thats ok. My son is learning the right way to behave when faced with people who are all about themselves. It will be a good lesson for him, I am hoping!

Traci said...

I love the idea of these "grown Marines" getting all excited about a field trip! Too cute!

Paula said...

Kelli you are a good person to take Chris in and teach him. He will always remember you and care.

Indigo said...

I'm not surprised you did that for Chris you've been great for him. I agree at least a card for his mother, to be the better person.

I think it's cute the way the Marines are getting excited about the museum.

As for eye exams, my last one was on Birthday last July, I came back with bifocals of all things. (Hugs)Indigo

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