Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my weekend.

Years ago I saw a book of quotes by Mother Theresa, I wish I would have bought it.

We really did not do anything exciting this weekend. That is fine with me. For some reason I was just not in the mood. However I did have a great weekend.

I walked past Ryans room and was grossed out. So I told him to turn off the video games and to start cleaning. I must have taken a truck load of toys out of there. New toys! Ryan never really plays with his toys, they just sit around and collect dust. No more of that. I got rid of all of them. I even got rid of his gaming chair because he never sits in it. Ryans room does look a little bare, but it felt so good to get in there and get rid of everything that he does not need. I could kick myself because I think "I moved all of that stuff. Stuff he does not even play with or need."

I have been on a clean out kick. The girls are even talking about taking some of their stuff down to the e bay store and selling it. One of their grandmothers keeps sending them porcelain dolls. Both of the girls hate them, so I guess they are going up on e bay. Hey if they can make money off crap they don't want then they should go for it!

Sunday morning I got up and was walking around the house lost, so I grabbed the only marine that was up and asked him if he wanted to go play. I took him to see a mission, and he really liked that! This marine is from Pa., so he the mission was very new and exciting to him. Then we went to the beach. I found out that this marine loves shells. We must have walked for miles just looking at all the different shells and collecting some to take home. We saw several huge sea slugs. I had never seen them before of even held one, but I did on Sunday. We also saw a dead seal. Ick! That thing stunk.

Monday hubby and I went to visit his parents grave. Right across from where their grave is, is a new section that they are starting to fill up. There she was. A lady sitting in a chair. There were flowers all over a head stone, but no grass as of yet. I just walked over to her, knelt down and put my hand on her leg. The grave stone said that her husband died just a few weeks ago. The lady just held my hand and I gave her a hug. Before I walked away I said "you are not alone." She must have felt so alone.

In my lifetime I have done so many random acts of kindness. Acts that no one else knows I have done. I do believe that those are the best kinds of acts. My heart broke for this lady. The love of her life is gone. I don't know what I would do if Rusty was gone.

Today I am going to spend the day cleaning up the house and getting it put back in order. I have started on the laundry, so at least I have done something. I still need to go to wal crap and the then go buy some meat. I must say that I am not really in the mood to go do my shopping, but if we want to eat I done really have a choice.

The marines have been good about keeping the house picked up, but with 10 extra people here I just think that my house is gross and I want to scrub it down. I think everyone is leaving today so that will give me a few day's to get everything in order.


Gerry said...

I am not a bit surprised you had so many people staying to your house over Memorial weekend. I am glad you were able to show one marine the beach. What more lovely place to walk. Your senses must have been very alert to see that woman grieving and were able t comfort her. That is probably a gesture from a stranger that she will remember. My dad paid a call from beyond. I figure he came for Memorial Day since I was lonely on tht day and far from home. But it appears to be so hard for us to visualize a visit from the dead in our dreams, that I have found they don't come unless there are several reasons. So I am bracing myself again for whatever lies ahead. This place is like the battlefield. People are always losing their fight to stay alive in here. One lady just died this week, but the good news she was 98 years old! Gerry

Pamela said...

I betcha I know what mission you went to! I have yet to see it. Glad you had a nice day. Nice of you to comfort that lady.

moshell's lilbit of space said...

I cleaned my room for 3 days....yes, I said 3 days, seriously....I have never seen so much CRAP. I took 1 truck full of boxes to the recycling place & 5 bags of plastic bottles (& no these were not in my room LOL) but man....I love my room now....

We are working on the front hallway/livingroom starting tonight. More junk...I have a pile of Ebay stuff myself, just wish we had someone here that listed it so I wouldn't have to bother with it.

OK...guess I rambled enough!

That was very nice of you to comfort that lady, I am sure she needed it, even if she didn't say so outloud.

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