Thursday, May 21, 2009

what have you done?

My life would be dull and easy if I did not have four teenagers living here. The boys are not on my last nerve, it is the girls!
So my old boss called me yesterday and he said that he has work. Work is good. That means that Chris and Amber will be working, even if they don't like the job, I don't care.
When I told Chris and Amber that they will be out working I got mixed reviews. Chris was thrilled and was willing to do whatever since he has not been able to find a job. Amber on the other hand gave me the look of death.
Amber said that she did not want to go get signatures, and that she hated the job. That was when I lost it! I told her in no uncertain terms that I don't care if she hates this job, I hate paying her bills every month! I also told her that she will work and she will make at least $100 a week, and every bit of that money will go to her bills.
Amber just looked at me and then opened her mouth. She had the nerve to say "well you have paid my bills this month." I kept my cool and told her that she will pay all of her June bill's, and then the next week she will pay all July's bills and this will keep going until there is no work left or until she finds another job that will pay her bills.
Lets just say that Amber is not happy with me, and I don't really care. I am not happy that she is not willing to do whatever it takes to pay her bills.
Now there is dear Nikki. This child thinks she is smarter then Rusty and I, and she thinks that she can walk all over us. Well, she is wrong and she is not as good at mind games as she thinks.
Nikki found a couple on craigslist that was selling some chinchillas. So Nikki went and paid the lady and even bought everything needed for this animal. However she did all of this without telling Rusty and I a thing.
Then Nikki starts asking me if she can have one. This was going on for several day's. I kept my cool, and I gave Nikki my list of reason's why she could not have it.
1. she can't afford it.
2. she can't afford the medical bills for this animal.
3. The cat's or the dogs will kill it.
Nikki did not care. So she finally got on my last nerve. I was at the store when it hit me on how to solve this problem.
I called Rusty and he got on craigslist and found this lady and sent her an e mail explaining that Nikki is only 17 and that she still lives at home, and that we did not give Nikki permission to purchase the animal. He also explained that we have several animals that would kill the chinchilla, and that if she had any more questions regarding this issue to please e mail Rusty.
Well, the lady e mailed Rusty back yesterday and informed him that Nikki had already paid for this damn animal and that she had turned other people away. Rusty just said well you can refund her money or you can keep it, but that the animal was not to come into this house.
As of yet I am not sure what this lady has decided, but I can bet she won't be handing over the chinchilla anytime soon.
Yesterday I worked on making a very simple lap blanket. It turned out really cool and I loved it. I was going to add it to my stack to give to the shut In's, but I think I am going to turn it into a "baby" blanket for a fellow blogger. I am not sure what it is about this blanket, but I love it.
I do have some sewing and some cleaning up to get done today. I don't think I am going to get any beach time in today, but I am hoping to get some in this weekend.
Life is good


Martha said...

All I can say is it's a good thing we really love our kids, LOL! Really though, you know your kids are some of the best ever because you've raised them right - they are still kids though, they are going to make mistakes and get on our very last nerve no matter what!

Indigo said...

Nikki crossed the line. She still lives with you and Rusty and needs to make sure she has permission before bringing an animal into the house. What is it with kids these days not wanting to work? When I was their age I was supporting myself and going to school. If I didn't work, I didn't eat. (Hugs)Indigo

Missie said...

I've been fighting with my Nicci over getting a job. She thinks we'll pay her bills forever!

Gerry said...

The hardest job I had in high school away from home was working for a couple I did not like (him especially) as he was a potential molester and I never felt my time was my own. My younger sisters did not have to do this, but one of them was given too much freedom at home and got into stuff that I thought eventually led to her death some years later. She kept breaking important rules which she started doing with my parents' lax supervision. So kids who have a well mother able to push them as well as hold them down don't know they are lucky. Just think what they might be capable of doing if they did not have a strong presence curbing them. Gerry

a corgi said...

a chinchilla! wow, I would have agreed with you not to have it in the house with your assortment of other pets. got to give Nikki credit for being creative in how it would come into your house.

you know, jobs here are scarce as you know, but yet we were at Lowe's the other day checking out and both cashiers working were new hires and being trained. I deduced this because they had someone else with them watching them as they checked people out and telling them if they needed to do something different. But how to get these jobs is a well guarded secret.

I hope Amber/Chris do okay with their new job. Maybe when Amber starts bringing in some money she'll feel better about it.

(I got your message about Linda being down in SC. Let me know schedules; I have to work Monday,I think, not sure what else is up the rest of the time)



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