Friday, May 8, 2009

my day with Rusty

So yesterday Rusty and I ran away together. We ended up in Venture county at some Navy base. I sometimes wonder why we end up where we end up.
Anyway, Venture is a good distance from us so we had a nice long ride. It was on the ride there and back that I remembered how different Rusty and I are.
I rode with my window down and legs hanging out. It was nice and hot and my legs needed some sun. Rusty had his window rolled up and had the air on! He said that he was melting.
I sang any song that came into my head. Rusty was busy listening to talk radio.
I wanted Rusty to over 4 lanes of traffic so that we could see where Petty Women was filmed. I got the evil eye. However when Rusty almost missed our exit he cut over in 4 lanes of traffic!
How can two people be so different and yet be so in love? I think because we are so different is why we work.
Today I am going to get my eye exam and order new glasses. I have been wearing bifocals for over 4 years now and I am starting to get use to them.
Yesterday I scored a really good deal on Baby Phat purse for Amber. I have already put it away for Christmas. Yep. I am starting my Christmas shopping. The girls are so easy to shop for, but I still have no idea what I am going to get Ryan. I will have to really think about this.
My day is calling, so I better get busy.


a corgi said...

sounds like a wonderful Thursday you had Kelli! glad you/Rusty had some time alone and long car rides are always fun!

can't wait to see the new glasses you get!

enjoy the weekend


Paula said...

Christmas shopping? Its 102 degrees here.

Pamela said...

Sounds like a great day to me! The drive to Ventura is beautiful! Glad you had fun!
Good for you starting Xmas shopping. That's EARLY, but you won't be bogged down at the holidays.
Enjoy your weekend.

Melissa said...

glad u and Rusty had a nice trip

natalie said...

hi Kelli!:) thanks so much for your comments on my blog!
I hope that you had a good Mothers Day!
I agree wiht you on the flu shots ugh!
love ya, natalie

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