Monday, May 4, 2009

Thanks dad

I have had such an awesome day!

First thing this morning I had to call child support services. I have not received a payment in a very long time, and I noticed that a big chunk of what he owes was gone! The nice lady on the other end of the phone informed me that it does take a few days for the web to be updated, and that they got my ex's tax check. The check was just over a grand!

Then I called my state case worker and he is still trying to figure everything out. However if I do end up in the hospital my medi cal will kick in with no co pay. To me this is a huge blessing because I am not sure what I am going to do about all these tumors anyway!

I then called and made an appointment to get new glasses. Yep. I am taking all that back child support and spending some of it on me. I so need new glasses and I have been putting it off for just over a year now.

I got up this morning and I was wondering how I was now going to feed a family of 7. Yep we went from a family of 5 to a family of 6 and now we are a family of 7! One of the marines took leave, and she is spending two weeks here. I don't mind except I know that she can't pitch in for food.

So I packed up my dog and we went down to the lake. While we were down there a man asked us if we wanted a bass. He had just caught it, and was not going to eat it. Hell yes I want that fish. I am adding that to my dinner table!

So above is the picture of me cleaning a fish. My girls would never touch it. I did not have a sharp enough knife, so I did the best I could. I am use to chopping the head and tail off and then gutting it. Nope I don't own I knife that sharp. So I just gutted it and baked it up.

I am so glad that my dad taught me how to do certain things! Thanks dad.

Life is good.


Lori said...

Hope that money comes through, and I'm glad the medi cal is going to pay for your surgery. Eler Beth can clean and gut fish. You aren't surprised about that, are you? I'm not surprised that you can either. lol

Queenneenee said...

what a woman, guttin that fishy! haha. I could NOT do that, I give you a lot of credit! I am happy you got some of the money owed to you, and hell ya get some glasses. You have spent all of YOUR money supporting the kids, thats you r $ too.

Indigo said...

Fish, Chicken you name it...I'll gut, pluck, scale and say thank you ma'm in the same breath. Just because I can doesn't mean I want to (winks). Sounds like things are turning around for you dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

Traci said...

I would like to have the knowledge of how to clean a fish. Not sure I want to give it a whirl!

a corgi said...

good for you for getting new glasses! I think you got to see good right?? don't want to hit anyone when you are driving somewhere, LOL

I hope the rest of money that is due your way comes through

good for you for cleaning a fish! my mom could, but that was one skill she didn't pass on to me (thankfully, LOL)

make stretchy types of meals for your added family members; pastas, rice dishes, etc. I'm sure they won't go hungry.

(we're done moving; NEVER AGAIN!!!!. I have lots of packing boxes if you want them; if not, I'll put them on Craig's List; thanks for your offers to help move and to clean; I just decided to do it all on my own this time; I think it was therapeutic, but boy am I sore :)

enjoy this nice weather!


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