Friday, May 15, 2009

I need a shower.

I need a shower and a new life. I think I will get the shower first.
The last few day's have really made close my mouth and just be. I am sick of arguing with the children. They bitch and complain even if I ask them to do a simple task. The first two months of them being in charge of a certain area went o.k. now they are just walking away from everything and doing nothing. So I am back to it all. I sometimes wish they would just move out already.
One of the marines took leave and she was here for two weeks! It was getting very stressful having her here 24/7. That was another mouth to feed and another person in the house and another voice to be heard. I am glad that she is back to work.
The babies are doing good. I finally got them sucking off a bottle. for the first two days they were here it was touch and go on weather or not they would feed. Now they are really settling in and getting into a good routine. I am happy about that.
I have been keeping my mouth shut when it comes to Nikki and Chris. I told Nikki a while ago that she and Chris would need to break up once he leaves for boot camp, but I know that is not going to happen. I am just waiting for Nikki to crash and burn. I am sick of trying to give both of the children advice. Lets face it I am the dumbest person in the world right now.
On the other hand, I do want to say something, so that way when everything does go south I can say "I told you so, but you won't listen to me." I know very immature, but that is how I feel.
I better get moving. I need to go get in the shower and go pay some bills. Then by the time I get home I am sure that the babies will be ready for lunch.


Missie said...

I'm having the same kind of problems with my kids right now. At 19 and 16 they just don't listen at all. Especially the 19 year old. I'm ready for an empty nest too!

Have a good weekend.

a corgi said...

(((Kelli))) I'm reading all your entries, just not commenting. You can't give up; you need to just be there for them and hang in there. I know it is tough, believe you me, I know it is tough. But family is family and we have to stick together especially during these tough economic times. Let Nikki/Chris think that they can be together if/when he goes into the military. They may believe they can but find it difficult once he is actually gone but it will be their decision. Its like when they were younger; you learn to see what battles you want to fight or not fight. thing is you have raised good kids; they are going to go through these times but basically they are good kids, don't forget that and hang on tight to them don't give up no matter how hard it is.


Indigo said...

I find some days dealing with my daughter is taxing and soul sucking. It drains the life out of me. Then she'll turn around and do something totally unexpectedly thoughtful and leave me with my mouth hanging open. Our kids are the reason we get gray so early. (Hugs)Indigo

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