Friday, May 1, 2009

Eco Friendly Friday: pissed off!

Do you see it? That big body of water that we are all looking at. That is called that Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean is full of water, salt water yes, but still water.
A few years back all of California was on fire. My strategy was simple. I packed three days worth of clothing for everyone, I had all the animals crates out, I packed our small save with all of our documents. I was sitting on go.
Our marines called me every day. "Mom have you guys be evacuated yet?" I like to keep things simple. If we were given the order to leave I was going to post "evacuated" in my blog and two of the marines mom's were to call their son's, who would spread the word to everyone else.
So where was I going? I was going to the beach down on base. The general of Camp Pendleton took charge of the situation and the beach had been transformed into a town. It had huge tents, lights, a kitchen, a cell phone center, complete showers and restrooms, and it even had a make shift animal shelter. Most of all it had fresh water.
What? Fresh water for us to drink and shower in? How could it be?
Well it seems that they Navy and the Marines have figured out how to take salt water and dirty water and make it clean. Did you know that right by the beach there is an Army reserve base, and they specialize in water purification?
So why am I pissed? Because our water district now wants to put a $12 surcharge on our water bill.
O.K. I know we live in a drought area. I plant native flowers, I only water about 3 days a week. I never flush the toilet unless the water is brown. We don't wash our cars, and I am always yelling "Hey we pay for our water!" I am so sick of being screwed!
Go fine the people next door. They water three times a day, and they wash three gas guzzling suv's every weekend. They do not even turn the sprinklers off when it is raining! They should get my surcharge.
So, I went on the hunt for a few more things I could do since I know that I will be paying more for my "water".
I am buying 4 Faucet Aerator's, 3 Flow Restrictors for the showers, and 3 tank savers. All of this including shipping is going to run me about $30. So that is not bad. I am actually excited to see how much more water I can.
I will still have pay the damn $12 surcharge. I think someone needs to tell the city that armed services is hiding a secret from them. And that is that we can take that ocean water and make it clean for us, then we can take the dirty water and make it clean and send it back to the ocean!
So if your water bill is going up or if you water to find easy simple ways to save water please check out this web page.


Pamela said...

I had no idea we can make clean water from ocean water. Who knew?? I think that is amazing. Sorry about the surcharge. Can you imagine how much money they are getting now?? Crazy.
Have a good weekend.

Martha said...

I've read about the salt water conversion - I don't know, maybe it's too expensive to do on a regular basis or something.
Have you seen those toilet top sinks? I want those! There are so many things we could be doing easily to save money and the environment if it was the general population's goal. Now that pisses me off!

Jonathan said...


I noticed you left a link to am conservation group at the end of your excellent article, and was wondering if you wouldn't mind leaving a link for as well, since I think people could find many great water saving products for their home there!

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