Thursday, April 30, 2009

enough being lazy

The last few days I have been just like this cat. Lazy. Oh sure I have done stuff around here, but I have not gotten dressed or even brushed my hair.

Today I am going to get dressed and go for a walk. Maybe that is why I can't sleep at night. Because I really have not done anything that would require me get rid of energy.

I love the show 18 kids and counting. The are very opposite of me and how I parent, but I have learned a lot from them. Last night I watched the episode where they volunteered at an animal park.

You know I use to take my children everywhere. I use to seek out new and exciting things for them to do. Over the last 3 or 4 years I have become lazy. It is a little bit harder now that the girls are older and they have their own lives, but I need to put forth the effort to really expose them to new things and new ways of thinking.

I also need to do this with the marines. We have not taken a field trip in a while. I love taking the marines on field trips. I do often get sick of seeing them just hanging around the house and complaining that they are in California. I tell them that one of these day's when they are old and their grandchildren ask them what they did in California, and all they can say is nothing..... well that is going to be sad.

The other day I was reading the aaa magazine and they have a section called five worth the drive. So I am planning a field trip for everyone! I think we have about 20 people going, and it should be a blast. We will be going to a museum to see how Hollywood makes monsters from start to finish, and we will get to touch them and play with them. The marines like the fact that they get to play with Inspectors gadgets gadgets. It should be a good time for everyone.

This weekend I will be collecting the money for the tickets, and then we will be going to the museum around the first of June. We have to wait that long because most of the marines will be going to the field until then.

Something else I am doing to help me get out of my rut, is I am volunteering at our local national cemetery. They are doing something called a roll call, and they want to read the names of everyone that is laid to rest there. I will be reading from midnight to 1 A.M. on May 16. I will not be reading the names of my in laws, but I can dedicate the reading in their memory.

I am also starting a bucket book. I am using a simple notebook and I am writing down all the stuff that I have done in my life time. I am shocked at how much I have actually done. I am going to stash this notebook, so that way when I die my children will find it, and they will know that I lived a full life.

Today is another day, and I am going to get off my bum and go for a walk, and then do some stuff around here.

Life is good


a corgi said...

thanks for the offer to help move, Kelli; so neat to talk with you today; coffee next week if we can squeeze it in (after Wednesday my life will simplify a bit, LOL)

that museum field trip sounds fun! I used to always find things like that to do when the kids were young too,and then like your girls, they grow up and we get out of the habit of doing things like this; I bet you guys will have a blast!

that bucket book sounds like a great idea; I know the girls will enjoy reading about your adventures for sure!

hope you enjoyed your walk :)


Linda's World said...

Say lady, I got some mail from you today !!! I was soooooooo excited I did a Blog entry about it! Thank you so much! I am thrilled & honored to add this very special squished penny to my collection. Hugs from Linda in Washington

Martha said...

You know what? You are one of the coolest people I have ever had the pleasuring of knowing! You are so profound!

Traci said...

Sounds like you are coming up out of your rut! Good news!

Pamela said...

If you get bored, call me and we'll meet sometime, ok? I'd love to meet you!
I think the museum would be so interesting. Take pics and tell us some stories from the trip! Good idea on your bucket book. I should start that, too. My son would be amazed at all that his Mom has done. Maybe he wouldn't think I was so dull, huh? LOL

Indigo said...

I love horror movies the museum sounds like loads of fun. I have one thing I truly want to accomplish left in my life (of course I continue to add the list). This one thing I'm hoping to finish in a years time - my book.

Reading at the national cemetary sounds like something honorable to take part in. (Hugs)Indigo

Gerry said...

Just catching up on your blog after a few days of CF. (chronic fatigue) And I got tired again reading all you have been doing and are going to do, especially when I think of my limited round of activities. Doc and I had to get ready for an inspection, and we both had to psychologically whip ourselves to do what this required. Which wasn't much, but it must have been the thought that killed us. HUD someetimes sounds like the military, have to get ready for this inspection and that. Now we got another inspection coming up. Getting ready for pest control used to be the killer. Everything out of the cupboards and on the table and covered up EVERY MONTH! Then we could not find evidence they ever killed a roach! It's better here, but I love your field trips. and $100 gifts!! That even surprised me considering how tight you are squeezing a buck. Well, you have got more than one side to you, that is for sure. Gerry

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