Wednesday, April 1, 2009

please tell me

Will someone please tell me that everything that has happened to me is just a huge April fools joke.
I woke up this morning at 3 a.m. with my ear just pounding off my head. O.K. time to go to the doctors. I hate doctors and I have been trying everything to get rid of this ear problem.
I call the doctor only to find out that they have no appointments until Friday. I ask the very hateful lady on the other end of the phone if she would happen to know of an urgent aid that would take my insurance. I was told to google it. This should have been my first clue that this day would suck.
I finally find one and I head out. Once I got there I found out that my deductible has shot back up to over to over $1,000. I called my case worker and of coarse he did not answer,so I called the guy from the state. He did not answer, but he at least returned my phone call. I have to file yet another appeal with the state! By now my whole head is pounding. Whatever I will pay for the visit.
The doctor comes in and looks in my ear. Yep it is clogged. It is so impacted that he can't even see my ear drum. What? I have been coning for several week's and I keep pulling a ton of shit out. So he gives me a script for some stuff to help soften the ear wax, so I can cone some more. Fine. give me the damn script.
I go out to the car and I call Rusty. I am now pissed and sore. I ever so rudely ask him if has heard anything from the VA. I knew the answer to that before I asked the question.
I am off to wal crap. I drop off the script and ask the Asian dude who speaks no English how much this will coast me. He tell's me $5 and it will be an hour before it is ready. Fine. I walk around wal crap and grab everything that I need, and I head back to get my script. I got behind two ladies that could not find their insurance cards, because it was in their hand! Oh dear Lord, my ear is going to pop off my head.
I finally get up to the counter, And the nice Asian dude is hiding behind the counter. The lady then tells me that they don't have my script because I can buy the stuff over the counter! Why in the hell didn't that Asian dude tell me that! I hate wal crap and I just spent an hour walking around looking at all the crap!
I get in the car and I head back to our side of the lake. I call the state board of appeals and of coarse it is all in Spanish. I keep pressing zero, praying that someone who speaks English answers. Oh they answered and they gave the number for the English speaking people. So I call them only to find out that they are closed! By now I am banging my head on the steering wheel.
O.K. I have to go to the bank and get the money to pay our rent. Then I can't remember if I called Rusty or if he called me but I gave him an ear full. I am done. Done. I don't have any fight left.
I have to cancel the appointment to new glasses, and for the new ultra sound, and to see the doctor. Done. I am just so done.
My damn ear still hurts and I am so beaten and worn down. I am going to go crawl into bed and pull the covers up over my head. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe tomorrow I will have some fight again.


Paula said...

Hummm so sorry you're in so much pain. Hope things will be better tomorrow.

Rachel said...

Wow. That *is* a crappy day! I'm sorry, and hope you get better real soon.

LYN said...


Pamela said...

If you got the ear stuff, I hope you used it so you'll feel better today. Plus, if your ear is hurting so bad maybe you need an antibiotic??
Hope today is better.

Traci said...

OH dear! I hate days like that! I'm hoping today is much much better!

Missie said...

I sure hope you're feeling better by now!!

Penny said...

Whoa, hun! That's a lot of stuff going on! I hope you are feeling better by now. I recently got CHAMPVA because my hubby's a vet ~ depends on rating, but if you need help, just e-mail me -

Blessings, Penny

Gerry said...

Well, this much frustration is enough to discourage anyone. Help. I was trying to figure out whether you also had an ear infection.

Lori said...

I hope that by today you are feeling much, much better!

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