Monday, April 13, 2009

not their job.

I must say that we had a nice weekend.

On Friday we got a box from my mom and she told me to not let the children open it until Easter. Rusty asked me what was in the box and I said " I have no idea. It is my mom's futile way of trying to buy us."

So on Easter morning I let the children open it. It was a wii. A wii. The children looked at it and went back to whatever they were doing. One of the marines looked at me and said "I guess you were right."

Most children would be happy with a wii. For my children it was more like... i don't know. Around Christmas time I told my mom to not buy my children a wii. I knew that they would not play with it. Then the girls got wind that my mom bought hell child one. This whole mess is not about the damn wii. It is about being treated as an equal.

The marines ended up playing with the wii! LOL

Yesterday we all went down to the lake, We even took the dog's. I have not taken them down to the lake in a very long time. Our dog Butter did not do that good at the lake the last time we took him, but yesterday he did great! He swam and played catch for almost two hours! Even ignored all of the other dogs that were on the beach. I guess age and training have really paid off for him. By the time we got home, the dogs just fell over. What? Our dogs are out of energy? That is a first.

I managed to get four pet quilts completely done, but I have more to do. Then on Thursday we are heading up to 29 Palms to deliver 3 more quilts. My little fingers are being worked to the bones, but I would not have it any other way.

Rusty informed me yesterday that he had to go to 29 Palms for another sale. I am getting so use to these trips that it does not even bother me any more. Let's face it. That means I don't have to cook meat, and I get the remote to myself! What more could a girl ask for?

Over the weekend two of the marines gave me tickets to Disney. So here I am with two Disney tickets. So I was thinking about who would use them. I was going to try to get three more tickets. That way Amber and Leeroy, Nikki and Chris, and then Ryan could go. I thought this way the girls could split the day one each of them would only have Ryan for half a day.

Nikki was then checking into the whole get in free on your birthday thing when I mentioned my idea to her. Nikki just looked at me and said "If we go up there for my birthday I am not taking Ryan."

I just walked away. I was kinda hurt by that statement, but the other side of me was not. It is not the girls responsibility to take Ryan to Disney. It is mine and Rusty's. I wanted the girls to take him because I know that he will have more fun with the girls then with Rusty and I. Rusty and I can't ride any of the rides so........

I guess I will just wait and see how this whole things play out.

I am hoping for some sun today. I would really like to be able to catch some more ray's.


a corgi said...

I can see Nikki's not wanting to have Ryan "tag along" on her birthday at Disney; she's a compassionate caring person but we have to remember she's still a teen and you know how important their birthdays are and being able to have some say in how they celebrate it; I do like your idea to have each girl be responsible for him 1/2 of the day though. Its so expensive to go and then so expensive once you are there for food, etc.

Interesting about the Wii; you could always sell it :)

glad you guys enjoyed your Easter and time at the lake; it was a beautiful day! I heard this weekend it will be in the high 80s!


moshell's lilbit of space said...

If I was there and available I would so take Ryan to Disney & CA Adventure....I totally ride EVERY freaking ride there!!!


Sorry I am not....cuz I love the beach too....

Odd Mom Out said...

Sell the Wii on ebay and buy something that you can actually use. :-)

Melissa said...

glad u enjoyed ur weekend

Michelle said...

I'd sell the wii and use the money for something else.

I wish I could take Ryan to Disney - you could watch Danny(chicken) and I'd go on all the roller coasters and other rides with him lol.



Traci said...

I like people's idea about selling the wii. But then again, if the Marines are enjoying it! Maybe not!
Disney would be fun! But I understand what it would be like for your girls. You will find a way to work it out.

Pamela said...

I'd love to take Ryan to Disney! I need to see it again through a child's eyes.
I've heard the Wii Fitness program is good. Maybe if you try that you may enjoy the Wii.
Have a good day!

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