Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nikki's birthday.

I just can't believe that my baby girl turned 17 yesterday! She just can't be that old, because that would mean that I am getting older.

Nikki had an o.k. birthday. Nikki Chris and Amber were headed up to Disney since Nikki got in free on her birthday. However Chris and Amber had tickets that some marines had given them. The people at Disney would not let them in the gate because those tickets were suppose to be used by the military and none of them had an i.d. card.

Rusty and I got Nikki a new digital camera for her birthday and she really liked that. So now both of the girls have their own camera and I won't have to listen to them fight over one camera.

Most of the marines came up to say Happy Birthday to Nikki and they spoiled her, but I guess that is what big brothers are for.

Yesterday was also earth day. I always want to go out and do something for earth day, but I feel that I should be at home with Nikki. I did however make it a green day for all of us, and I think that is what important.

I don't have to much to do today. The laundry is started, and the kitchen is cleaned up. Rusty took the day off work because he has to go to a funeral. Rusty did not ask me to go with him, so I did not volunteer. I can't stand to hear the sound of the 21 gun salute.

Yesterday I chewed out these two girls. One of the marines is seeing one of the girls and the other girl is Chris's sister. They just walked into the house and went straight up to Nikki's room. I just stood there looking at them. I could not believe what I just saw. I finally went up there and I found them covering Nikki's room in streamers and balloons. I asked what they were doing, and they said "Well we thought it would be fun to decorate Nikki's room". I very calmly said "What you are doing is making a mess that she has to clean up tomorrow. If you wanted to do something nice for her then why not clean her bathroom? By the way I find it very disrespectful that you think you can just walk in here and do whatever you want." The girls just looked at me and said "sorry." I said "Sorry does not cut it." and then I just walked away.

I am at my breaking point with people. There are a few marines that I am going to tell not to come back, and I hope I never see these girls again. I am sick of being the kind person.

The first load of laundry is done, so I better go get it hung up to dry.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Nikki!

That was rude to just walk into your house and go upstairs with out saying a word to you!



Lori said...

I don't even like people (even family and close friends) wandering into the kitchen of my house when they are visiting unless I've invited them to come into the kitchen with me. I guess I'm weird that way, but I would have had a FEE EYE TEE FIT as my family used to say if someone had come into my house uninvited and unannounced and then gone to my daughter's room and started decorating it! Glad she had an "ok" day though. lol

a corgi said...

Happy birthday to Nikki!!! I bet she'll take a lot of wonderful pictures with that camera!!!

(((Kelli))) I think you need a vacation or a few days away from your life; I wouldn't have liked it either if those girls came into my house without checking in with me and Nikki wasn't even there; seems to me they weren't taught better, know what I mean?

hey, email me, I need the number of your carpet cleaner person (didn't you say you had one??) we move next week, how did that happen??


Traci said...

How rude of those girls! No manners. You did good by telling them what for! Boundaries, people, boundaries!!!

Melissa said...

they shouldnt have just come in and went in nikkis room like that without ur permission, that is rude

Indigo said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Nikki! I would of kicked the girls out on the spot, had they just walked into the house without an invite. That is something I DON'T have patience with. (Hugs)Indigo

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