Monday, April 6, 2009

What to do first?

I have a lot that I need to get done today. I must finish a quilt this week. I have a ton of pet quilts to get quilted. I have to go to wal crap and get a cart full of stuff, but I am sitting here. Unmotivated to do anything.

I so do not want to sew any more quilts for the marines. It has just gotten way out of hand, but I have a feeling I will keep doing it. The quilt I need to finish is for a marine that is leaving in just a few weeks. This marine holds a special place in Ambers heart. Amber and Nikki both knew this marine when he was very young. I even have pictures of him with the girls when they were about 8,7, and 6. Life is strange and everything comes full circle.

I laughed my bum off when Amber said "mom you are not going to believe this, but John is a marine and is not stationed out at 29 palms." Then one weekend when John came up here we had to bust out the old pictures of him. Amber reminded him how much he use to pick on the girls. The girls are no longer girls but young ladies and I wonder if he ever could have seen his life coming back to meet up with our lives.

So I am going to sew my bum off, and then make a special trip to 29 palms just to deliver this quilt. I am going to go make a memory.

One of my foster kittens is here visiting me. It is so neat to see him growing up. He is still playful and just as handsome as ever. I am going to have to love on him a lot today before his momma comes and gets him.

My coffee pot took a crap this morning. Rusty told me to go buy a new one, not a used one. Whatever. He should just be happy that I am not busting out my Pyrex peculator that goes on the stove! I love that peculator, but Rusty say's that I need to get with the times. He so does not understand my fetish with old dishes. The old stuff just works better.

My ear still hurts, but it is not that bad. I am still using the wax drops and I am flushing the ear, and then conning. Yesterday I pulled a HUGE ball of wax out. I want to know how the doctor defines small. He said I had a small ball of wax impacted in my ear. Really? Small? I wish that ball of wax had been small! I can't wait to hear out of my ear again!

Well I should get moving. Everyone is on spring break this week. So I would like to get some stuff done and then maybe go have a beach day.


Pamela said...

You are so good to make those quilts. Lucky you aren't working, too! I've got to go to beach day for me! LOL!
Have a great day!

Missie said...

Have a good week!

Chrissie said...

Honestly you'll probably never understand what you handing those quilts to those marines does for them. I'm sure there are no words to express their thanks to you.
Well heck if you had the old one I would have used it. I thought you meant you had nothing else. And you're right some of the old things do work better. Of course new stuff isn't made to last any time because they want you back spending again.
Good luck to that boy. Life is funny how things do come around again. People you think you'd never see again.
Hope your ear gets better soon and you can hear again.
Take care, Chrissie

Lori said...

Glad you're feeling so much better!

LIZ said...

Ok so I keep hearing about all these trips you make to 29 and I still have not had the pleasure of meeting you. Try to make it on a Wednesday will ya, thats my day

Small Footprints said...

Wow ... a beach day? In NC we are having serious winter ... complete with snow ... lots of it! :) The weather person obviously doesn't know that it's spring.

It's so nice of you to sew for the marines. And the fact that you do it when you really don't want to ... well ... that shows, all the more, your kindness. You have a good heart!

Small Footprints

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