Monday, April 27, 2009

chili is done!

I am going to need to wake Nikki up soon because she has to go get her wisdom teeth removed today. Oh what a joy. I need to make sure I ask the doctor to give her a script for liquid pain killers. For whatever reason this child still cannot swallow a pill.
I put some chili in the crock pot and it smells so good. I love my crock pot and I don't understand why more people don't use them. Maybe I am just lazy.
Friday I went out and bought some new jeans and two new tops. This is a big deal for me because I hate shopping and I hate wasting money on myself, but I wanted to look nice for Rusty.
Yep. I put all of my feeling aside and I went to dinner with Rusty. My girls thought I was crazy and that I should not give in. The only thing that kept popping into my head was "Cesar's wife said be above reproach". Cesar's wife is right. i will do nothing that gives people the right to say anything bad about me.
I am glad I went. I ate dinner with Rusty but then I said "I am going to go hang out with Thelma and Grady, because I have not seen them in a while." Rusty was cool with that.
Thelma and Grady. Thelma was one of the first women to welcome to the post. She took me under her wing and showed me the ropes. Thelma has taught me so much. Grady is Thelma's husband and he is just a crack up.
About five years ago Thelma had a stroke, so she does not get out much. Her body is very weak, but her mind is still as sharp as a tack! Thelma use to be a no shit Rosie the riveter during WWII. She actually showed me a picture of her putting together aircraft.
Then Thelma asked me what I was doing on a certain day next month. I was puzzled. It turns out that our local national cemetery is looking for volunteers to read the names of all the service men and women who are berried there. Everyone is taking an hour shift. So I got the number from them and I am going to call and get more information on this. This sounds like something I can do. Something different. Something outside my box.
I finally have my grocery getter back! I love that car....even if I have to duck tape part of the dash board back together. That old car just keeps running and running, and I love it! I need to find the time to go get the front end aligned. We paid for a life time alignment, so I just need to get my bum down there. The guy that fixed my car told me that I will need a new power steering pump and a new top hose. Whatever. I told Rusty so he is going to get that fixed for me.
I also drug out some quilt tops that I was asked to do something with. A lady from the Wounded warrior battalion asked me to take some of the smaller quilt top and piece them together to make bigger quilts. This is a lot easier said then done, but they are now on my list of things to do.
Yesterday I just did some stuff around here. I got my bathroom scrubbed down. I want to know how come I sweep up a ton of hair, and yet I still have a very full head of hair? Who knows, all I do know it that my bathroom now sparkles. Why am I in such a scrub down mood?
I also made the girls go through all of their clothes and get rid of anything that does not fit or that they have not worn. Between the two of them they must have pulled out 3 laundry baskets full of stuff. Here is a question for the universe. How is it that we get rid of so much stuff, yet we still have so much crap.
I have a space in the garage that is marked for a yard sale. I don't think I have enough for a big yard sale, but I may throw everything out there and just take what I can get for it. I just want this stuff gone! LOL
I need to go pack up some stuff to take with us. At least it will give me something to do while Nikki is getting her teeth removed.


a corgi said...

I'm so glad you went out to dinner with Rusty; it is hard sometimes to take the higher road, but so much better in the long run! poor Nikki and her wisdom teeth; hope she does okay with it; we just had a garage sale a week ago; should have asked if you had anything to put out. I sold 90% of our stuff, which wasn't much, in about an hour; did have some furniture to sell but just lots of little things that I charged 25 cents for; we made some good money

glad your car is working again!

enjoy the day


Paula said...

Hope Nikki has good luck with the removal of her wisdom teeth. No tricky roots or anything like that.

Melissa said...

hope nikki is ok

Gerry said...

Hope Nikki does okay with her wisdom teeth. My daughter had quite an ordeal with hers so tell her to do everything the dentist tells her to do. Gerry

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