Monday, April 20, 2009

another awesome weekend.

When you live near a lake it is a given that you are going to be spending a lot of time there, and that is what we did this weekend!

Last weekend a guy was walking his pit on the beach and he approached us and asked if our dogs minded other dogs. We said no, so he let his dog go. Our dogs swam and played catch for a few hours. The dogs so love to be out there in the water. I was really impressed with how well his dog was trained, and it made me realize that I have a lot more training to do with my dog. This guy showed up Saturday and Sunday as well. It is so nice to see these dogs just out there playing and having a good time. I love meeting fellow dog lovers.

After this guy and his dog left, another couple approached us and asked if our dog played well with others. I said yes, and kept throwing the ball. So this couple lets their dog go, and he attacks our dog! I must say that I am very proud of our dog, because he grabbed that other dog and shoved his head under water. LOL I know I should not laugh, but hey it was funny. This couple did apologize, and they said that their dog was not very socialized. I strongly suggested that they teach him how be social before they take him to a public beach. People!

A new marine showed up at our house this weekend. His name is John and he is from Alaska. It was so much fun talking to him, and getting to know him. John said that he has only been in Cali for 9 months and he is not sure if he likes it or not. So I said "You pick a Saturday and we will go out. I will take you to places that will blow your mind, and all it will cost us is lunch and gas money." He said it was a deal. I can't wait to show this kid around.

My girls got a little to much sun this weekend, so I will need to keep them covered. I have some stuff that I need to get done around here. I have a ton of boxes that I need to go through and get them out for someone else to use. I also have a ton of laundry to get done, so I guess that will be my excuse to stay out of the sun for a few day's.

I have gone around and gathered up all of our old computer parts. Our local outlet mall is having a computer recycling day, in honor of earth day, so this is perfect for me! I won't have to pay to take them down to the recycling center, and I will be doing a little something for the environment. I really want to check and see what other earth day events are going on around here.

Our daughter Nikki was born on earth day, and she is finally getting into earth day. For a very long time she never wanted to celebrate earth day because it was her birthday. This year she is thinking that she wants to go plant a tree! I love this child.

I am off to start my day.


a corgi said...

the weather was great this weekend for the lake for sure!!! to bad about the one dog attacking your dog; it one has a dog that is not too good around other dogs, I agree with you, they need to get him more social first before going to such a public place; I definitely wouldn't take Koda since I know how he acts around other dogs.

wishing Nikki an early happy birthday! I haven't heard much about what is going on for Earth Day around here; I know every ad I saw in the paper yesterday had something with the word "green" in it, LOL; its good people want to do nice things to save our planet from destruction; we also, like you do with your work with the Marines and so many others, need to make sure we treat people with kindness and respect too :)

have a great day!


Lori said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful weekend! Hope your week goes as well.

Melissa said...


Paula said...

My daughter took her dog Roxy out to some dog social event this week-end. She said they both had such fun even when Roxy pulled on the leash so hard that Lynda fell face down in the wet grass.

Missie said...

I wish we had a local park we could take our dogs to. Every place around here has no dogs allowed!!

Have a great night.

Traci said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Happy Birthday to Nikki! My friend's child is born near Earth Day and he is all about it!

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