Sunday, April 5, 2009

OFF the list!

Wednesday night I continued to bite everyone's head off. I was just so mad!
Then I called one of the marines and asked him if his mom got in o.k. It turns out that his mom did come in, but his leave was denied. So I offered to take his mom out and show her around.
I got up early Thursday morning and headed south. The marines mom name is Becky and we hit it off from the get go. Our first stop was del mar beach on Camp Pendleton. Now the marines think this is crappy place to go, but I love this beach.
Becky and I walked on the beach and this was the first time she got to see the marines doing training exercises. She thought it was so neat to see them driving vehicles in and out of the water.
Then we walked over to this little cove and I was telling Becky that if we are lucky we will be able to see some seals playing in the water. We did not see any seals, but we did see baby sting ray! I have never seen baby sting ray swimming in their own environment. It was so cool!
Then we met met up with some of the marines for lunch and then we were off to finish our adventure. I started driving this long road through base. When all of a sudden we saw an ncis sign. So without using any brakes I pulled into the parking lot so we could get our pictures taken under the sign. I am not a huge ncis fan, but hey, I had never had my picture taken in front of one either.
Back on the road we come across an old tank on the side of the road. We had to pull off there and get a picture with the tank. That was when the police showed up. The officer told us that we were not allowed to take a picture of the tank. O.K. so we were getting ready to leave when the officer say's, "If you take the pictures while my back is turned I won't see a thing." He hurried up and got our pictures and jumped back in the car.
Our next stop was San Onfre beach. Yep, I took Becky to a world famous surfing beach. This beach has a ton of rocks, and sand, so it is really different. We spent so much time just walking and picking up sea shells. I found a bone. I have found bones before this time I decided to bring on home. The sand water had polished it so nicely. Becky thought it was neat to see all the shells of the lobsters. I was hoping to find some that were alive, because that would have been dinner!
We were off again. Becky wanted to see a mission while she was out here, so I took her to the mission at San Juan Capistrano. Becky was like a little school girl, she was just so giddy. The gardens around the mission were in full bloom and they were very fragrant! I have been to the mission before and I often just drive right past it and think nothing of it, but to Becky this was a dream come true.
Our next stop was going to be the water fall's and then the look out. However the road we have to take to get there is a two lane road through the mountain. There was an accident some place up there, so the road was closed.
So we just headed home. Becky's son and a friend met us at the house. On the menu for dinner was ham sandwiches. Then Becky and I crashed!
Friday we were up and st it bright and early. Becky's daughter and granddaughter were flying in. So once again we headed south. We got to San Diego with some time to kill, so I took Becky over to the coast guard station. Someone put up a nice porch swing, so Becky and I just sat there watching all the sail boats go by.
Once we picked up her daughter and granddaughter we headed down to Point Loma to play on the cliffs, and to tour the old light house. Amber and a few other marines met us down there, so we all had a blast.
Becky's grand daughter's name is Kelly, so I took Kelly by the hand we headed out to explore. It was so neat to watch this child's face light up. There were so many first for her, and it was just neat to see the wonder in her eyes.
I walked up to a high point and I was looking for whales. I have never seen the wales migrate. I did not see any wales, but I did see more seal's. This was a very special treat for everyone else. There is just something so neat about seeing animals in their natural environment.
I am so glad that I took the time and the opportunity to show some new friends around. I have visited all of these places several times, but I had a blast showing them my "back yard".
I told Becky that on her next trip out here we will go explore the desert. She said that she is looking forward to it.
Here are a few items I can cross off my bucket list. The funny thing is... I did not know they were on it!
1. saw a sting the ocean and not in a tank
2. had my picture taken with the ncis sign
3. Had my picture taken with a tank
4. brought home bone
5. sat on a swing and watched sail boats go by.
Life is good!


LIZ said...

I love the beach!!! I cant wait to go again...sounds like you guys had a great day!!!

Gerry said...

I really enjoyed this sightseeing trip vicariously. She nor her daughter will probably ever forget it. YOu sound like a heck of a guide to me. I really loved going to the beaches and seeing terrain unlike any I had seen before. I remember my sister and I going down and exploring the Long Beach marina waiting to pick up my cousin who was a merchant marine. A memorable trip to this day!

Cassey said...

It's so sad that her son's leave was denied....but you made it as great for her as you could, regardless! That was so sweet of you!

Gerry said...

I just watched your slideshow and I loved it. I especially liked that beautiful blouse you were wearing in that one shot of you. I love seeing beach photos. A treat. Gerry

just me said...

sounds like a wonderful time for everyone.

Chrissie said...

I'm so happy you took that family and showed them your backyard because just like me I never have seen those things and I know they will remember that from now on. It might seem like something small to you because you see it everyday, but for those that never see that it is a special thing.
Loved the adds to your bucket list. Nice times.
Take care, Chrissie

moshell's lilbit of space said...

so next time I visit my bio-dad you are picking me up & taking me sight seeing right?


Lori said...

How nice of you to show her around like that. Sounds like a great time was had by all. I like NCIS the show, one of my favorites!

Melissa said...

glad u emptied some of ur bucket, lol. :)

Nelishia said...

You are definitely gifted with hospitality! If I ever come that way with my granddaughter, Katie, would you please show us around the beaches, deserts, and missions? I love how you embrace life so fervently.


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