Friday, April 17, 2009

eco friendly Friday

Here it is another Friday.

There has been nothing exceptional about week. No new green things to do or try. I took all my bags with me, and I have planned on making my own laundry soap this weekend.

I did take a quilt up to a marine. His quilt is green. I made it with fabric that someone gave me, and I used the bamboo batting. I even used a flannel sheet to back it with.

So what do you write about when your life has been eco dull? Nothing.

Then one of the marines called me and said “Mom I bought you a bear. I saw it and it made me think of you, so I bought it for you!” Am I that scary first thing in the morning that you see a bear and think of me? She goes on “Mom this bear is so cute and soft and best of all it is made from recycled plastic! Mom this thing is so cool.” O.K. now I am interested!

Stuffed animals made out of plastic bottles? How cool is that? So this morning I got on line and started looking for these animals. Sure enough there is a place that makes stuffed animals from plastic bottles.

Now I am not a stuffed animal person, and my children are way past that stage, but I had to book mark the page because I thought these little guy’s would make a perfect baby gift! This company even has a line of bears for graduation.

Fuzz That Wuzz! Stuffed Animals Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles
Thu, Mar 5, 2009
Everything Baby, Playing
They aren’t available just yet, but Mary Meyer’s new Fuzz That Wuzz! collection is worth waiting for. Not only are these stuffed animals a cute additon to any child’s room, but they’re also easy on the environment. The outer fabric and the stuffing are both high-quality polyester fiber made from 100% recycled plastic PET bottles. Each toy — from Antlerzzz Moose to the Big Pawzz Bear — will keep 10 plastic bottles out of landfills. As the website acknowledges, it’s not enough, but it’s certainly a start.
Look for the Fuzz That Wuzz! collection this Spring. Till then, have a close-up look at all of the animals here., ,

Then that link took me to an ad for another link. Organic shoes. What? They make organic shoes that are stylish and won’t fall apart the first time you wear them? To top it all off they are reasonably priced and they are from Payless!

If you have been around my blog for a while you know that I am a cheap person so seeing the ad for these shoes was awesome!

Payless Shoes today announced the launch of a new eco-friendly brand called Zoe & Zac. The new line is mostly for adult women, but also features three girl’s shoes, as well as a range of jewelry and socks — all available for under $30 each.
The Zoe & Zac products are green because they are made from eco-friendly components and materials such as organic cottons and linen, natural hemp, recycled rubber outsoles, eco-friendly-EVA cushioning, and water-based glues for the shoes. Natural materials like dyed Tagua and Acai nuts are incorporated into the jewelry. The product packaging is eco-smart as well, utilizing 100 percent recycled shoe boxes and soy-based inks for the printing.
In celebration of the launch, Payless will also be participating in The Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees campaign. The company will donate $1 — the cost to plant one tree — for every Zoe & Zac green brand item sold through May 4 and on every Payless exclusive reusable shopping bag sold throughout the year. The Nature Conservancy hopes this effort helps them reach their goal to plant 1 billion trees by 2015 to help rebuild the Atlantic Forest in Brazil.

So in my week of nothing new I have learned of two new products that are good for the earth and my pocketbook. These are two very simple things that we can all do and it will make a huge impact on the environment. Remember that we vote with our wallets, so make sure to buy only earth friendly products when you can.


Paula said...

That is interesting about the bears and the shoes. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Small Footprints said...

Very cool! I especially like the eco-shoe idea ... and at Payless yet. Very cool! It is amazing what they are using recycled plastic for ... and the textures they come up with. Brilliant, isn't it?

Thanks for sharing!

Small Footprints

Lori said...

Very interesting! I'm going to bookmark those sites. I can see myself buying one of the bears as a gift. Btw, any ideas for recycling bread bags??

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