Wednesday, April 29, 2009

how am I doing?

The other night I was counting to see how many lap quilts I had made for the shut In's. I was right on track, my goal was to have 12 done by December. I needed to get started on May's quilt. I have been doing the tie blankets, but I have not seen any fleece on sale, so I went to my material stash and realized that I had enough squares to make a lap quilt. I have been doing the tie blankets because I can sit in bed and tie while I watch t.v., but I needed to not spend money unless I really needed to.
My freezer is getting almost empty. I might be able to make it until Friday when Rusty gets paid. We can afford food, but once again I have been trying to use what we have. I must say that our meals are getting very creative, but that's o.k. because I have now gotten use to making do with what we have.
I am a material whore. I love material and I could buy it in bulk if I could afford it. I am proud to say that I have not bought any material since I started my no spending diet! I am really getting creative with my quilts, but that is o.k. I also went through my material stash and gave some away. I am down to one crate and it is not even a full crate. I am so proud of myself. I think I have enough material to get one or two more quilts done for the marines and then I will have to buy more material. I also found a ton of material that I bought in hopes of making a quilt for myself. I guess I will finally get around to making that quilt for myself.
Our weather here has been just crazy. Hot one week and then cold the next. I so wanted to turn on the air, but I stopped myself. It is way to early in the year for my electric bill to go up. So instead I packed everyone up and went to the lake to cool off.
This whole no spending diet is very easy. I knew I would do o.k. on this diet, but the whole diet has changed me. This diet has made me realize just how much I do have and just how much I can live without.
I am sure if I asked "older" people that would agree with me. I remember my grandmother reusing everything or just making do with what she had. America has become a nation of consumers and wasters. It still blows my mind that people buy stuff to use once and then they throw it away.


Small Footprints said...

Excellent post ... and congrats on doing so well ... you are a model of what one can do when they put their mind to it. I love how you are getting around things in order not to buy ... and I also love your line "This diet has made me realize just how much I do have and just how much I can live without." Brilliant!

Small Footprints

Indigo said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I go to the grocery store every three weeks. I manage to stretch 2 weeks worth into three. I use absolutely everything in the freezer and refrigerator. We are not going hungry by any means, we actually eat more and healthier at home than restaurants.

I truly wish others would follow our example. You only buy what you need, when you need it. otherwise reuse, reuse....(Hugs)Indigo

Gerry said...

Since I became a vegan I have begun to realize that I can eat quite a lot more cheaply than I did when I was eating every kind of food there is. The more variety, the more I bought. I think I could still economize more. I know that other people talking about it and doing it inspsires me. I have enough clothes, so now I am getting a lot more selective even with very cheap items. Anyway, I think that we need people like you to keep our focus up, especially in times like these. It is imperative. Sometimes when I throw away my trash I marvel that I could have collected that much packaging, jumk mail, and so on, just one person! We are a very wasteful nation. Gerry

a corgi said...

I'm so proud of you Kelli!! that's great efforts you are doing to save money and use all you can! you should write a book or a pamphlet with all your wonderful ideas! (I'm serious!!) I do hope you get your quilt made some time!


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