Sunday, June 14, 2009

thank you everyone!

I would like to say thank you to everyone sent sent Chris a card. This was so awesome and he was so shocked that people would take the time to do that for him.

For Rusty and I we are just shocked by the whole situation. I never in a million years would have guessed that we could have taken in another child and provide for them. We are on a budget that does not move very much, but we did it.

All of the decorations and balloons came from someone I found on line who was giving away this stuff. I cut all the flowers, so no money was spent there. I made Chris his cake, so that saved some money and we had more then enough food for everyone. Some how some way we pulled it off.

I took one of the graduation pictures and had it blown up to poster size. After Chris got done with gifts and cards Rusty and I announced that we had one more gift for him. We handed him the picture and told him to go hang it on the wall nest to all the other kids pictures. Chris cried. He now knows that this is his home.

Rusty and I are so proud of him. He could have turned to drugs, dropped out of school or done any number of things. Instead he finished high school and is now on the right path. We are so proud of him.

Chris said "It is sad that the people I use to call my parents did not even call me, but you guys did everything for me." blood is not thinker then water. I know that very well.

I am plum worn out. I so forgot that I told Rusty I would go help him work on Monday and Tuesday. Then Tuesday is my birthday. I forgot about that as well. Wednesday we are heading down to Coronado island. I have a busy week, but I know that it will be a good week.

Life is good.


Traci said...

Woman, there is a special place in heaven for you and Rusty. Seriously can't wait to meet you guys!

a corgi said...

(((Kelli))) well done to you and Rusty!!!! congrats to Chris too!! happy early birthday! I hope you and Rusty enjoy your time in Coronado!!

glad all went well with the party; you guys are the best to have made Chris part of your family!!


Anonymous said...

You are welcome, Kelli, but we should be thanking you. ~Mary

Sugar said...

ur more than welcome 4 the card, i'm glad chris enjoyed them. ;)
have entered myself under ur followers tag, to get updates. hope u come by & enter ur self on mine.
ty for taking in chris, a very nice thing to do. more people should help others.
have a good week.

Pamela said...

I believe when you are doing something good that God always provides a way. You are such a sweetheart. I hope you enjoy your Bday! I'd like to forget mine this year, too! LOL!

Gerry said...

It was fun seeing photos of the party and of Chris. You must like to see people extra happy because you have caused this emotion in quite a lot of people I know of from reading your blog. It was fun just being a part of it by reading about it. I hope the triplets don't cause too much peripheral damage, but I know you will get through that act of generosity, too, without spoiling it for anybody. You have to have patience to do these things and a special love for people. Gerry

Terri said...

You are welcome made me feel good to send Chris a card..and he sooo deserved it!

You and your husband are very special people...and you will be rewarded someday for your kindness in welcoming him into your family...

I couldn't help but have tear filled eyes when I read the part about you all asking him to hang his pic on the wall with the others....


Melanie said...

Hi...I sent my card a today a bit late you are such a speacial couple for doing that!

Oz Girl said...

You are without a doubt all very special people... and I'm so happy that Chris has chosen the right path! Congrats to him for graduating, and happy birthday to you! :) Have a great time in Coronado!

dragonflydreamer said...

My card was late, but I hope Chris received it. Thank you for allowing me to step out of the chaos I call life and spend a bit of time looking at cards for a joyous occasion and be a part of a happy celebration of a life milestone. I'm sorry this is my first chance to stop by your blog, but I am blown away by you and was moved to follow your blog. The Universe guided me to find Mary's blog and then lead me here. Angels like you and your husband are the reason my I didn't end up choosing the road so many of my family members chose. I am so touched by the great gift you gave in welcoming Chris into your family. I wish him good health, love, friendship, comfort, laughter, success and dreams come true as he makes his way in this world. I pray God blesses you and your family.

xo Susi xo

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