Monday, June 1, 2009

It's ambers birthday!

Well today is Amber's19 birthday! My dad called Amber the turtle, so she has grown up really liking them. This year for her birthday I bought her a pair of silver sea turtles ear rings. I sure hope that she likes them.
Life has just been going along here. Nothing to major is happening right now. That is a good thing. I like it when there is not much going on.
I finished another quilt top and I have one more almost done. I am really shocked at how much material I do have. I have also made a few lap size Christmas quilts. I have had the material cut for a few years, but I usually run out of time, so I am starting early this year.
I am not sure what got into the dogs today, but they got to fighting and they drew blood on each other. They will both survive, but they have never done that before, so I am really surprised by the whole thing.
I spent the weekend just chilling out and not doing much. Sunday I sat in bed and just cut up plastic bags to make plarn. My girlfriend is actually using the plarn, but she hates cutting up the bags. I don't mind doing it.
Tonight I am making a shepherds pie for dinner. I am not sure why everyone likes this dish, but they do, and Amber requested it, so that is what I am making. I must admit that I have not made one in a long time. I was just in shock when I saw the price of beef! What the heck is that about?
The kittens are doing good, They are all weened and potty trained. This Saturday they are going in for their first set of shots. The shelter is close to the ocean, so I may hit the beach as well.
Tonight we have a friend coming over to look at my car. It is still running hot. We have tried everything, so we are going to have an outside person look at it. I think we should just shoot it!
My Cajun boys are coming home tonight, so I better go get a nap in before I have to go to the air port. It will be so nice to see them.


a corgi said...

Happy Birthday Amber!!! I hope she has a wonderful day! I think those earings sound cute. Bet she likes them!!!

hey, I got some material for you; the lady down the street was having a garage sale and had a big bag of fabric scraps; she used to quilt but she has young kids so she's not any more. I told her you make quilts for soldiers and all, and she thought that was wonderful so she gave me the bag to give to you! I'll have my son run them over to you some time soon; I'll call first. there's a lot of nice patterns and colors in there (just what you need, LOL, more material)

hope someone can figure out what is up with your car!

enjoy your time with your friends/family celebrating Amber's birthday :)


Nelishia said...

I thought you might give us a run down memory land of the day that you labored and brought Amber to this world. I'm glad she's getting older and hopefully, in a few years, she'll mature too.
The sea turtle earrings are a very nice gift. Great idea! I wish I could sew quilt tops together as fast as you. I have loads of fabric too I'd be so willing to share with you if you were closer. Weight for mailing you some would be outrageous. I'll bet the kittens are getting big now. I hope you get to go to the ocean on their checkup day.
I don't know what plarn is. Am I the only one? I know how to cut colorful tall kitchen bags into strips and crochet them into beautiful rugs. Is it like making your own packing/filling for mailing things? (Guessing?)

Gerry said...

Happy birthday to Amber. I think she will like the ear rings. I must have missed something as this is the first time I have heard about plarn. But I am all for recycling. It is apalling how many plastic bags we consume, individually! I have had cars run hot before and it always drives me mad when nobody can diagnose what is wrong with a car. Oh, the experiences I have had along those lines both with my cars and my kids' cars. Glad to be done with all that. Gerry

Missie said...

Happy Birthday Amber!

Have a good week.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Happy Birthday! Woo Woo!
I am so happy for you all.

I am crazy about good cake with icing.

Have a great, blessed day.

Tom Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.
Jesus is Lord.

Linda's World said...

Happy, happy birthday Amber ! Wish I was 19 again & know what I know now. Yes, the earrings sound great. I hope she has a wonderful birthday. Linda from WA

Paula said...

Belated happy birthday to Amber.

Indigo said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Amber! My cats get fiesty like that, hair flies, shrieking, clawing, Pickles will bark at them to stop...Afterwards they act like the best of buds. What do they know us, humans don't? (Hugs)Indigo

Barbara said...

Happy belated birthday to Amber. I hope she had a great day and has a great year.
I love it when it is quiet here too.

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