Saturday, June 20, 2009

catching up

Well I took a break from sewing for the marines and I made this quilt top for some missionaries. I think it turned out great. When I quilt for the marines I just do simple squares but I wanted to show off my handy work, so here it is.
Amber and Jake made it back from Oregon. I was very happy to see them. I must say that Amber did good at trying new things and Amber even said that she had a blast. I am just glad that Amber is getting out of her box and is trying new things.
On Monday I get the great pleasure of paying for Ambers classes. I am actually glad that she has picked them early, so at least this way I can wait a little while to buy the books.
Amber is also looking into taking a classes down at sdsu. Amber wants to get into this summer intern program where she can travel to other countries, but she has to be registered at sdsu, and take a class.
Chris is leaving on Monday to take all of his testing for the military. Rusty has spoken with the recruiter and everything is in order. The only down side is Chris wont be leaving for boot camp until October so that means he will miss Christmas. Then again USMC stands for u suckers missed Christmas.
I went to some yard sales today and I scored most of what I was looking for. I have been needing to get some sheets, so that I can back some of the marines quilts, so this lady sold me a huge bag of sheets for 5 bucks! SCORE.
Rusty is looking for a new job. He is just so sick of dealing with all the crap at work, and I don't blame him, but Rusty is still employed so for that I am ever so thankful. I keep telling Rusty that everything comes out in the wash.
My birthday was amazing. I got to go walk on the beach and see a ton of seals and sea lions. To me that is awesome. I love being close to nature and being able to explore the world around me.
On Wednesday I went to the Hotel Del down on Coronado, and I met up with Tracy...a fellow blogger. It was so nice just to sit on the sea wall and talk. We walked along the beach and watched her girls play in the ocean. We created a memory, and that is what is important.
Well my sewing machine is calling me, so I better get going. I have the creative bug and the drive to sew, so who knows how long this will last!


Gerry said...

Oh, I think it would be so interesting to see seals and sea lion. I was down to a beach in Calif and they said the seals had invaded that area and were trying to take back the beach from the people they thought! I thought that was funny. They would climb right up on the wharf. Have you heard of that one? But I am so glad you enjoyed your birthday. Sheet backing sounds like it will be great for your sheets. I hope Chris is not too traumatized by the military. I worried my son would be, especially about being so neat and clean. I think he was for a while but managed to hang on for 7 years, although he had a few near misses in getting thrown out. But he really enjoyed seeing the world and making friends from all over. Gerry

a corgi said...

that's neat that Amber wants to take classes at SDSU to get into that program to travel! at least she's starting to think about what she might want to do, right??

so glad you had a nice birthday!! couldn't pick a nicer place to celebrate it then down by the beach with a friend!

I hope Rusty finds something; I know its hard when they have to deal with a lot of stuff at their place of business since they spend so much time there

I think although it is hard, it is a good thing for Chris to go into the military, even though it means he misses Christmas. I think to have that career/training and backing for perhaps schooling down the line can be a good thing although I know Nikki will miss him and him miss her. you know around here how hard things are and I fear they will get far worse until they start to get better, if they ever get better. I think Chris' only chance to do better is to be in the military. Even kids with stable upbringings and homes are having it tough,know what I mean?

great find with those sheets!


Paula said...

I love the quilt top. It reminds me of Saint Paticks's Day. Happy you had a nice birthday.

Terri said...

Sounds like everything is going well...I love garage sales and finding got a good deal!

Your Birthday at the beach sounds heavenly...glad you had a good one!

Sorry Chris will miss Christmas, my thoughts and prayers are with him as he begins this new journey..


Melissa said...

pretty quilt

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