Thursday, June 11, 2009


1. Stand on your feet all day long cutting squares. Then when you cant take it any more cut the squares in half to make a ton of triangles.

2. Clear a spot on the floor and lay all the pieces out so you can see the pattern.

3, Repeat step two because all the foster babies just ran through everything.

4.Sit at the sewing machine for two day trying to sew everything together.

Oh! don't forget that you need to break a blade and have to go to wal mart to get a new one. Then you forgot to pick up trim, so you have to go back!

It was all worth it! This quilt will be going to the missionaries down in Nicaragua! Once in a while I love to show off my handi work!


a corgi said...

its beautiful Kelli! you do great work!!! I like the pattern! I think my mom made a pattern similar to that

I do know the missionaries will be so grateful for a gift made with love from you!!!


Gerry said...

A quilt already says so much to me, coming from quiltmaker ancestors, but this one also comes with a little history about just how frustrating sometimes completing such a work can be! (I did have to laugh at some of those mishaps like with the kittens but two trips to Wal-Mart, oh dear, I just took one and it was not fun. They moved the bus stop! Gerry

egtara said...

Beautiful quilt. Nice work.

moshell's lilbit of space said...

that is BEAUTIFUL. I wish I knew how to sew...I would love to learn how to quilt (as I LOVE quilts) and how cool to be able to make your own :)

Have a great day Kelli

Barbara said...

Beautiful. The missionaries will be so happy to get that.

I found some material that was in storage that I had forgot about. I am looking forward to doing some quilting later in the year.

Hope the graduation party is a great success.

Priscilla said...

your pinwheel quilt is lovely. sewing triangles can be very difficult sometimes, but it was worth doing it.

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