Sunday, June 7, 2009

I get it now

Call me slow or blind but I get it now.

For years I have said "I will never be mother Theresa. I never win the noble peace prize." That was my goal for a long time. I wanted to do something that people would remember for. I wanted to be something great. I did not want to be the mom of my children. I did not want to be Rusty's wife. I did not want to be the crazy cat lady. I wanted to be something great.

I am something great. How did I discover this? Well, someone I don't know, her name is Mary, read my blog and learned that I wanted a book of mother Theresa's saying. Guess what I found this morning? Thank you Mary, for opening my eyes.

I am a hero to Amber. I am a hero because she should not be here. She was born by crash c section. She should be dead, but she is not. She is here. I love her and she is one of my best friends. I am her hero because she watches me and she sees all the things I do.

I am a hero to Nikki. If I not opened our home up to missionaries she never would have gotten the desire to go and serve. I am her hero because I stand behind her and support her, even if I don't understand her.

I am a hero to Ryan. Everyone told me that he would never walk, ride a bike or do anything. Now look at him. Who knew that a mentally retarded, autistic child would go so far? Who knew? I am a hero to him, because when the rest of the world was saying he won't do something it made me angry. I am his biggest advocate. I will fight for him when everyone else says I shouldn't.

I am a hero to Chris. We took him in. Gave food, clothing and shelter. We gave him the basics when his own "Family" would not. I never realized that doing right by him, would make me a hero.

I am a hero to Rusty. I have stood by him through countless deployments, heart attacks, and I have stayed when the Marine Corps has thrown everything else at us.

I am a hero to all the animals I have rescued. If it was not for me there would be animals that would have not made it.

I am hero to the shelter that I volunteer at. If it were not for me they would not have made quilts to give out whenever someone adopts a pet from them.

I am a hero to all the marines that walk through my door. I feed them, do their laundry, listen to their fears, love them, cry when they leave and cry when they come home. I have even seen the marines fight over their quilts.

I may never win the Noble Peace prize, and that is o.k. I have touched many lives and all the lives I have touched will go on to be someone elses hero. There are unsung hero's all over this world. We may not all be famous, but we all make a difference. I know that if all of banned together, all of our little deeds would add up and we could and we will change the world.

"There are many people who can do big things, but there are very few people who are will do the small things." Mother Theresa.


a corgi said...

(((Kelli))) sometimes the best heroes are the unsung heroes who get up every day and do the best they can and live this world a better place, and that my friend, is the type of hero you are. Unassuming, but always there, always making an impact on the part of the world you call your own. and striving to do the best you can and being the best you can; you are definitely a hero in my books!!


Gerry said...

I do think that those who do what needs to be done in a life that is sometimes full of pain are who make life worth living for a lot of people, who give them faith and hope that life is indeed good. Gerry

Anonymous said...

Glad it was well received. (big smile) ~Mary

Missie said...

Sometimes, the most important heros are right in our own houses!

Melissa said...

im glad u see how important u r

Barbara said...


Lori said...

We usually find the best things hidden away somewhere instead of up front and showy on a billboard. I'm glad you realized that you should appreciate your contribution more!

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