Wednesday, June 17, 2009

green to save green

My life has been crazy for almost a week now. I am just shocked at busy I have been, but I know that I can sleep when I am dead.

If you read the last entry will you see that we had a graduation party. This really was not in our budget this year, but we did it. I also made it as green as possible, and by going green I saved a lot of green.

Here is a list of some of the ways I greened up a graduation party.

1. All of the decorations were used. I found someone giving them away and I jump on the chance to reuse them.

2. All of the flowers were cut from my own yard and the vase was one that we had around the house.

3. We used real dishes and cups. We did run out of cups and have to use a few plastic ones. Thank goodness there was a beer pong game last weekend! I then washed out the plastic cups and we will reuse them.

4. I used cloth napkins. A few people thought that was crazy, but why not? What else are you suppose to do with cloth napkin?

Today I took the kids and we went down to the hotel del Coronado. It was there that I met up with another blogger and her girls! It was so much fun. We walked around and some doctor Seuss displays. Then we went down to the beach. My favorite thing to do.

Just because I was meeting up some "new" people it did not give me the right to take a break from being green. I save all of our old bread, so today I grabbed it and we let the children feed the birds.

This may sound like a small thing, but it is a big thing. I try very hard to not waste anything, and that includes the last slice of bread. I also brought the bag homes to be reused.

While we one the beach I took the time to pick up trash. I am always amazed at how much trash washes up on our beaches. Even if I was with friend and having a good time, I still found the time to clean up the beach.

After we were done at the beach we headed to the shelter to pick up another foster baby. I also dropped off some baby blankets that I bought at a yard sale. The cat's and dogs will love them.

This week I also got my moms Christmas gift in the mail. I had it mailed to me that is. I can never really find anything to get my mom since she does not need anything and she will never tell me what she wants. So this year I went to the wildlife foundation and adopted a bear in memory of my dad. My dad always called himself poppa bear, so I thought this would be perfect. Everything even came in a reusable bag! I think she will like this.

Often times by going green you can also save a lot of green. I love saving green.

Reduce footprints has posted another challenge for us to try this week. Please stop by her journal and accept her challenge.


Paula said...

Just stopping by to see what you've been up to. Very busy as usual I see. Bet that party made Chris feel good. So nice of you to do that for him.

a corgi said...

hey Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed your time in Coronado; love the hotel! glad you got to meet up with another blogger/family too!!

I always admire all you do with being green!!


Small Footprints said...

What I really appreciate about this post is that it demonstrates how you're living a green life. It seems that you don't have to try to be green ... you've gone beyond that stage and incorporated green activities into your lifestyle. Totally fabulous!

Thank you for participating in "Change The World Wednesdays"! Here's the direct link if anyone else would like to join:

Take Care!

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