Thursday, June 25, 2009


Here I am in my element. I love the beach.
Yesterday Amber and I spent the day together and I think Ambers eyes were open to somethings that go on my world.
Yesterday we went to the wounded warrior battalion. I talked with the quilt lady up there and with the Sgt. Major that ran the battalion. The new 200 bed facility will be open next year. All the rooms will have a queen size bed,tv, and a recliner. He said this was going to be the nicest wounded warrior battalion. This facility is going to be the model for other facilities not only here but in Australia and the UK.
I was going to take three of the babies back to the shelter and we asked if we could take the kittens in to show them to the marines. The answer was yes. The marines loved the babies! The babies loved all the attention, and they did not care what was wrong with these men, they just wanted to be loved. We were also told that once the new facility is built some of the residents will be allowed to have pets! I think this is cool.
Amber learned about a double edge sword. While it is good that we have a place for are our wounded warriors, it also sad that we need a place like this for our wounded warriors.
Our next stop was the animal shelter. We carried in the babies and some quilts. It was sad to see the babies go, but it was also rewarding to know that we saved their lives and now they can go on to forever homes.
The director of the shelter took me back to iso room and there was a Dalmatian that was in just horrible condition. You could see every rib, hip and joint on this dog. I just looked at the dog and said "Who did this to you?" Amber said "This is so sad." Yes it is. I am always amazed how some people treat their animals. I just wanted to cry. There is also a German Shepperd in there that is scared of anyone in cammies. I would like to catch the marine that beat this dog and beat the crap out him.
Once we left Amber was just in shock at what she saw. Yep. Some people should never be allowed to have animals. I guess for Amber is was an eye opener as to how some people treat animals. Here in our house we would never do that to an animal. Not every animal is as lucky as ours are.
I know my children think that I am crazy. I know that. They don't understand my passion for animals and for the need to protect them. Weather that is a kitten, a dog or cleaning a beach so other animals don't get hurt. I now think that Amber understands a little bit better.
I also think that Amber understands why I sew for the wounded warriors. These guys are just so thankful. Weather it is a quilt, a gift card to McDonalds, or petting a kitten. They just want people to remember the sacrifice they made for everyone else's freedom.
I am not asking my children to have the same passion for animals, or to sew for marines, but I want them to realize that we are people and animals out there that just want someone to show some love to them. That is not to much to ask.


Traci said...

Awesome post. You do more teaching just getting out there and living than most do in a lifetime!

Gerry said...

I am always inspired when I read your posts about animal care and giving to the marines because I know that others are not as thoughtful or aware of how they need their morales built up, for the military is surely a hard life. Yes, I am sure you are teaching Amber some great lessons and it will be very interesting to see what she comes up with to help people and animals in her lifetime. I also love how you clean the beach. I have thought many times that I wished I had brought a bag and could go gathering trash up somewhere. But you are the only person I have actually known besides my Aunt Nethella who would do it on a regular basis!

Linda's World said...

I bet you hated to turn the kittens over to the shelter. But how nice that they got to visit the Marines ~ I'm sure it made their day. Linda in Washington

a corgi said...

I think its neat, Kelli, you took the time to talk/explain with Amber what you do and why you do it. I bet she does have a new understanding for your compassion and care for the marines, veterans, animals, beach cleanup etc.

(maybe we can do coffee one day next week and I'll fill you in with all that's going on here)


Priscilla said...

what a big heart you must have, I admire you. and all children think that their mother is crazy, that is the way the world is working, but they love us nonetheless, and that is the main thing! :-)
thanks for visiting my blog, I love your comments! :-)

Melissa said...

nice pics

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