Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My spirit is happy

I in a place where spirit does not go very often. It is place of calm and Joy.
I don't think I could ever express how happy I am to have my girlfriend and her children here. I don't have many girlfriends that I just hang out with, so I am enjoying my hanging out time.
Today Chris was with us and he just kept grinning at my girlfriend and I . I finally asked him what he was grinning at and he said "I have never seen you with a girlfriend." My girlfriend and I just laughed. We both know the reason we get along so well is because we both hate drama, gossip and bull shit. I don't know if Chris understands but that is the way it is.
My girlfriend got right into housing, so tomorrow she has to go check into her unit and then pick up the keys to her house. I am so glad that she will have this taken care of before she has to start working.
Thursday we are taking the children to the beach. I can't wait to play in the ocean with the children. I think the triplets are old enough to learn to body surf, so maybe I will teach them how to do that.
I am just so relaxed right now. I don't care that my house is a mess, I actually like it. I have to admit something. The other day when my girlfriend and I walked in the house the front room was covered in Barbies and everything that Barbie could own. When my girls were little that is how my house looked all the time. Rusty and I would wait for the children to go to bed and then we would walk around and pick everything up and clean the floors. Only to have it all destroyed when the children got up. I miss those days and I wish I could have them back.
That is o.k. I am going to spend this week making more memories. I am living the good old days.


LYN said...

you enjoy my friend...a girlfriend like that is a gift and a bonus is her having uncomplicated little ones!!

i miss the toys on the floor stage too....

Inge' said...

I found your blog through "Reduce Footprints". I used to live in Hemet when I was younger. I am a veteran and my daughter was born there while hubs was doing his tour as a Recruiter. I haven't thought about Lake Elsinore in a long time. Thanks for the memories!

Paula said...

Glad you are enjoying your girlfriend and her children. I know the value of a girlfriend. Don't really have any since I moved down here as they all belong to all these clubs etc. that I don't have time for since going to the cows is my priority now.

Gerry said...

I hope you have a wonderful time on the beach. Sounds like alot of fun to me, so I am sure it will be even more fun for the triplets I do think that a good friend can bring a lot of joy to our lives. I do not know what I would do without the kind spirit of my sister Ann who is always concerned about every member of the family and what is happening to them. Gerry

Traci said...

Have fun with your friend and her three blessings!

Terri said...

Enjoy this time with your girlfriend...make the most of it , making precious memories...take lots of pics..enjoy the beach!


Melissa said...

i wish i had a friend i could just hang out with

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