Tuesday, June 23, 2009

way to go!

The big news at our house is..... drum roll please...... Chris took the test to go into the military and he scored so high that he can do whatever he wants! I was telling rusty last night that he went from homeless to the world is his oyster. Rusty and I are bursting with pride.
Rusty took a week of vacation. To some that I might mean fun with the hubby, and maybe a little bit of that is true, but it also means that he around the house all the time. Yesterday I cleaned the carpets in one of the living rooms. Rusty just stood there shaking his head as he watched me vacuum and then get out the carpet cleaner. What? Has he never seen a person clean the carpets before?
Rusty says that I work to hard. I say no it has to get done. Now don't get me wrong. Rusty knows that I do not sit around and eat bon bons all day, but I sometimes wonder if he really knows what I do.
Amber and Nikki are gearing up for the summer. Nikki is in summer school and she is taking two classes there. Amber is still looking for work and trying to figure out what class she needs to take down at SDSU. Then the triplets arrive on Monday! I can't wait. This house will be full of activity then.
I took the quilt over to the people that will take the quilt down to the missionaries. The lady, Deb, was just so excited. She told me all about the missionaries that will be getting it and she just knows that they will love it! I can't wait to see the pictures of them receiving the quilt.
Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for Amber and I. We have to get up early and head down to the base. Our first stop will be the wounded warrior battalion where we will meet up with another quilter and give the battalion more quilts. Then it is off to the animal shelter to return three of the kittens.
side note: we got one more kitten in last week! That makes a total of five babies in the house.
After we drop the kittens off then we have to go pick up a cover for a marine stationed on a navy base. Then it is play time! We are heading to the beach. I cant wait to walk on the sand and catch some rays. I will also walk the beach and clean it up. I think this time I am going to take pictures of everything we find. I am just amazed all the crap people leave behind and what people just dump.
My carpets are calling to me so I better get moving and get them cleaned before it gets to hot. Life is Good.


a corgi said...

Congrats to Chris! that is awesome Kelli!! I know you/Rusty are soooo proud of him!! you are right, the sky is the limit for him!!!

I'm glad you/Rusty will have some time together with him being off this week plus he'll enjoy his rest and relaxation

enjoy the beach tomorrow; should be a great day for it!


Paula said...

I'm so happy for Chris and I know a lot of it is because of the love you and Rusty bestowed on him.

Barbara said...

Congradulations to Chris.

Missie said...

Congrats to Chris. That's a huge accomplishment!

Traci said...

Yeah for Chris! That is wonderful news!

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