Wednesday, June 10, 2009

eco friendly

Spunk, color and a conscious! There are so many reasons to love our mismatched socks. For one, we are incredibly proud to be an American-made product: our yarns are dyed, spun and knit at small, family-owned businesses here in the US. Also, from the very start, our cotton socks have always been knit using recycled cotton yarns. These yarns are recovered from the production of other cotton products (mainly t-shirts), and re-blended with other fibers and spun into yarns for Solmate Socks.Not only fun to wear, but American made and environmentally friendly! There's just so many reasons to smile every time you put on your mismatched socks from Vermont's Socklady.

My mother in law got me a pair of these socks years ago and I loved them! Since I finally wore them out I decided to look into getting more of these socks, and I was very happy to see that they are made from recycled cotton! If you have small children their socks are sold three to a pair. You know a mom is selling them. LOL

I have a lot of cats. With cats come cat litter, and cat litter is clay based. So I got out of my box and I tried a new eco friendly cat litter. My concern was that the litter would smell or it would not clump as well. Boy, was I wrong. I bought the cat litter that is made from corn cobs and it works amazing well. There is no odor, it clumps really well, and there is no cloud of smoke when I pour it into the box. It did cost about $1 more then the stuff I usually buy, but it was so worth it!
I am a huge coffee and tea drinker. Yes, I am guilty of sucking down a pot of coffee before I even get moving in the morning. One day I was in one of our local gas stations and I found a little sign that said "Our coffee is fair trade and organic". What a gas station that cares. Yep. So when I am on the road I make it a point to stop there and get my coffee. I also take in my own cup and they give me a ten cent credit. www/
One choice at a time I am saving the planet!
Here is a list of some other simple things I have done to help our planet.
1. I got all of the graduation decorations used. Since all of the stuff was plastic, I am happy to reuse the stuff. I will post them up for reuse once I am done with them.
2. I saved wood from going into a landfill. It will now be reused as wood for our bonfire.
3. I almost bought some of that curling ribbon to hold all of the graduation bags together. Instead I am using some yard that I have on hand. Yarn will break down quicker then curling ribbon, and it saved me some money.
There it is. Not a long list, but I have taken some even bigger step to reducing my footprint.
Please tell me what you guys are doing?
Stop by this great eco blog and see what she is up to! This gal is going to challenge us to really step it up a notch.


a corgi said...

all great things you are doing Kelli!! I have a whole bunch of moving boxes, did I ask you if you wanted them?? let me know otherwise I'll put them on craigslist. Also, I have material for you. I think I mentioned that already; I'll have son drop them to your place soon (I'll have him call you before he comes out)

I'm thinking what I'm doing to be "eco friendly". sitting at home and not going any place to save money is a good thing, right??

those socks look comfy; I'll have to look into getting some


Small Footprints said...

Thanks, so much, for posting about Reduce Footprints' new weekly challenge ... and for participating. You can add that to your list of Eco-friendly activities ... spreading the green word is definitely a good thing. I'm hoping that the challenge catches on ... I just think that if we all do the same "green" thing during the same week, we can have a huge impact. And who knows ... maybe we'll change the world.

I love reading all of your Eco-friendly activities ... you really put your words into action. YOU are making a huge difference!

Take Care!

Small Footprints

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