Saturday, June 27, 2009

busy and sick

As of late I have been very busy. I can't really say what I have been busy doing, but I have been busy. Maybe all the usual stuff is just keeping me busier since I am fighting a damn head and chest cold.
A lot of little things have been happening this week. Rusty's big boss called him in off vacation to help move the warehouse. Sop for the last 3 days he has put in 14 hour days. Rusty is just plum worn out. I am worn out just seeing him. I also feel so bad because I so want to go help him, but Rusty said what he really needs are more strong backs. That is not me.
I am writing an article for another blog and this is usually easy for my, but all of this cold medicine is fogging my head. I really need to get all my pictures together and get everything e mailed off.
I ran into Nikki's other mom the other day. She really wants Nikki to be a team leader on an outreach ministry right here in our own community. Deb, Nikki's other mom want to camp out on the lake and minister to the homeless, and all the other people that come down to the lake. I think it is a great idea! So I got a list of all the supplies that they are going to need, and I am going to start making phone calls. The more stuff we get donated the cheaper it will be on everyone. Add that to my to do list.
The marines just left to go help Rusty. I think I am going to go get some burgers and dogs and give them all a nice cook out for dinner. I am thinking, burger,dogs,cake,homemade ice cream, fruit salad and maybe some corn on the cob. That should feed a hungry group of men.
I have been getting a lot of sewing done and I am still amazed at how much material I have. I have started cutting a quilt for myself. I would love to get the rest of the quilt cut today, but I don't think that is going to happen. This quilt will go on the bottom of the list of quilts to put together. I told Rusty that the time has come for me to bite the bullet and start buying batting for the quilts. I am just amazed at how expensive batting is. I can buy cheap batting, but that is all it is. Oh the joys of my life.
Amber has been picking up odd jobs and she is keeping her head above water. Amber has come to realize that she should not have gone to Oregon or told my mother that she would come visit. You can't make any money if you are not here working and no work means no pay. Reality is finally setting in on her. I guess that is a good thing, but it is hard to watch her struggle. On the other hand, it is a life lesson that she has needed to learn for a long time.
Nikki was looking at all of my containers on the counter. She finally said "Can I have this container?" I asked what she would need it for and when I finally realized what she was making I suggested a coffee can. Nikki was suppose to work the next day so I told her that I would decorate it for her. Me and my big mouth.
This is a plastic coffee can. So it has these handles things molded into it. Oh this is going to be fun. Not. I went to bed and that was when I figured it out. The next morning I got up and started rummaging through the garage. There it was. A milk crate full of can's of spray paint and the can's even said that they would stick to plastic. I grabbed a stake, dropped the coffee can on it, and spray painted away. Nikki printed up a sign and taped it to the front of the coffee can. Boom instant prayer request box.
So that got me to thinking. I was thinking about making up some homemade dishwasher soap and giving it out in some Christmas baskets. I am so going to painted up all of my coffee cans and put the soap in it.
One of the marines has his younger brothers in visiting and they came up last night. I about fell over laughing when they asked for a paper towel to wipe their hands on. I just tossed him a dish towel. I guess not everyone lives like me. I am sure if I left my house more I would know this.
I better get this day started. I have a lot to do and no ambition to do any of it.


Melissa said...

i hope u feel better soon

Martha said...

Busy and creative as always I see! Hope you feel better soon!

Paula said...

Maybe you need to slow down and rest a bit. Feel better soon.

a corgi said...

I was at a garage sale today and I bought you some sheets and a blanket (cost all of $2.00). They looked like something you might be able to use in your quilting. still have to get the other material over to you, but I just realized your triplets are coming in on Monday so that means you'll be super busy so coffee probably won't work next week; we'll get together soon.

that is a neat ministry with the lake/homeless. I'm sure it will be a blessing for all

hope you feel better!!


mamaof4qts said...

I hope you feel better soon. How do you make dish soap? I've been making my own cleaners and that is one I haven't done yet.

Gerry said...

Why did this entry make me laugh even though you are sick and doing more than any sick person should be doing, a whole lot more, and getting it done. Made me tired just reading this, so I know for sure you are younger and stronger if you could actually do it! Well, I don't know how the President of the US gets done what he is required and asked to do either. Hoory for strong people, but when I saw a headline that indicated you were sick I rushed over here to see how bad the collapse ws, but I am not going to worry about you as long as you can still get all this done in spite of being sick, is what I am trying to say. Gerry

Joann said...

I had that cold!! LOL!! Hope your feeling better VERY SOON!!!

Nelishia said...

I certainly want you to get over this summer cold. I can tell that you just feel miserable somehow in your writing.

I always feel bad for Amber in many ways and in others I realize she's still growing up.

The ministry that Nikki is involved in is interesting because it sounds very similar to the one we're involved in and connected to out there in CA. I just wondered if she's heard of Don Paul and International Church of the Gates. His website is
It's very fascinating for us because we've begun meeting at Starbucks and doing the same thing here. Keep us informed how it goes with her.

That's cool about the coffee cans. I'm still making laundry soap!

Barbara said...

I loved the picture, it gave me some ideas. I love how you recyle so much.
Hope you are feeling better soon.

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