Wednesday, December 17, 2008

an award?

I got this award, so I am going to do my best with this. I am not good at making links, and having to choose so please be patient with me!
The Rules:
♥ list 10 honest things about yourself
♥ pass the award onto 7 blogs that you find brilliant in their content or design
♥ link to the blogger who gave you this prize
♥ link to the blogs receiving the prize
♥ notify the recipients
1. I love to sew
2. I wish I would have known my in laws better before they passed
3. I miss my dad everyday and I wish he was still alive.
4. I love the rain and the ocean.
5. I hate snow and being cold.
6. I hate clutter.
7. I am trying to become the crazy cat lady.
8. I love my husband more then anything in the world.
9. I love to take a bath
10. I am a hippy at heart.
O.K. now I have to pick 7 people?
1. Liz is waiting for husband to come from Iraq and he should be in soon. So I think everyone should go over there and thank her and her family for the sacrifices they make so her husband can defend OUR freedoms. WELCOME TO THE BLOG OF A USMC WIFE
2. Mellisa is a young lady that seems to be finding her way in the world... and doing a great job at it. Mellisa works at a school and can't wait for Friday to come because then she will be on Christmas break! Somewhere 2 Hide
3. Reduce Footprints is a journal about simple things we can all do to help save our planet. I love this journal because it help me be aware of the world around us.
4. This gal is from Scotland and is just a riot! She loves her dogs and we all know what a big pet lover I am. the adventuresofminnie&fergus
5. Paula is just so much fun. I want to be like her when I am her age. She has some awesome tales about living in Texas. Last year on our road trip when I stopped to pick Paula up she said "I will be the old lady in the center of town with my cow." paulinescountrytales
6. Betty, is a dear friend that is always there for me. She has helped me through some really tough times. She has also been a cheerleader for our daughters! Thanks Betty a corgi in southern california
7. And Last by not least, Lyn over at Brits blog Brits blog . Lyn has been very helpful. Last year when Amber lost all of her money in Rome I called Lyn and asked he several questions. She gave me all the answers. I wished she lived closer because I told her that one day we are going to grab our passports and go to Mexico, and get lost on the beach for a few days!


Traci said...

You really do deserve it! And I like your picks. I wanted to give to Lyn also. I should have cheated and just added one! Oh but wait, it's an honesty award! LOL

natalie said...

dear Kelli
that's a mouth full!Woohooo!
Big Congratulations on your award!
I congratulate Liz too, whom I met through you and Tom.
I will look forward to reading about these other bloggers.
As Always I admire your quilting and your neatness!
I am so sorry that you miss your daddy.
I miss mine too...
I hope that you have a great Christmas with all of the kids and with Rusty!
I am also sad that you never got to know your inlaaws well

Small Footprints said...

Hi Kelli ... Wow ... thank you so much! That is so nice of you! It might take me awhile to complete my tasks.

I especially like #7 and #10 ... a crazy cat lady who is a hippy at heart. Wonderful!

Thank you, again!

Small Footprints

Chrissie said...

Congrats you deserve it. I'll have to check out those others. I only know Lyn and yes she is awesome.
Take care, Chrissie

nancybrownowl said...

hi Kelli, just in after my last christmas party with the old yins lol. im in the committee and believe me some are younger than me and wait for it loads are older but i guess im the daftest lol.SO THANK YOU for being a dog lover to my 2 wee west highland terriers. tomorrow ill send my 7 deadly sins tomorrow to you and the others take care god bless from nancyxx

LYN said...



Paula said...

Thank you Kelli. I think you know how much I admire all the good things you do for people. I just find it so hard to choose a few of all that I read and I'm not good at linking etc. either.

Missie said...

Congrats on the award and you picked some great people to give the award to!

a corgi said...

congrats!!!! I loved reading your list of things; I'm sorry you miss your dad; I know you will always miss him but memories of him will always live in your mind and as you share them with your kids

thank you so much for your kind words!!! such a honor to be counted as your friend!!! and thanks for this award :) I'm speechless.........(well for the moment at least)



Melissa said...

aww, thanks for the award

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