Wednesday, December 31, 2008

awesome day.

Today was such an awesome day. I made egg salad for our picnic, I grabbed extra bread so we could feed the birds, and I just grabbed whatever chips we had open. Nikki and I loaded up and headed down to base to pick up George.
We picked up George and headed for the beach. It was a little chili, but there was not a cloud in the sky and the ocean was just perfect.
As we were eating we asked this one lady if she would like to give her son some bread to feed to the birds. She said no. So we started breaking up the bread and tossing it into the sky. I am not sure what type of birds they were but they were beautiful. Nikki reminded me that there was a bird refuge just down the beach, so who knows. Anyway it was so cool watching the birds hover over us. Everywhere we looked there were birds! It was just so cool!
As we were getting ready to leave the lady came back up to us and asked us if we any bread left. I did not but we did have two bags of corn chips left, so we busted them out. One of the boys came up next to me and I handed him some chip and started talking to him. The lady said "he has Autism and is none verbal, but his name is Warren".
Warren and I had a great time feeding the birds. By the end of our 10 minutes together he was smiling. Warren made the day at the beach a blessing. Even if he was none verbal I knew he was having a good time.
Then we headed to the art museum, The quilts were just awesome. It was different from what I was expecting. Not all the quilts were "quilts". A few people had actually pained on the material. They were very nice and very creative. The handi work that went into these quilts was just amazing.
Then Nikki said lets go to the thrift store. Nikki scored so great deals today. We found two formals, a shirt and a pair of slacks for her. I scored this awesome dress. I am not sure what country it is from, but I just love it. I would say I will have to take a picture of it, but that really does no good since I cant load the pictures right now. Anyway, $75 later we finally got out of there.
Then we headed home. I am going to go down to the VFW for a little while. They are having free food, so that is a good price. I am not going to be gone to long, because Nikki is having friends over tonight.
The last time I left Nikki home alone with friend she ended up needing stitches.
I do hope that everyone has a safe New Years Eve and remember that the best is still to come.


Melissa said...

im glad u had an awesome day, Happy New Year!

Paula said...

Wishing you the very best in the New Year Kelli. That was so nice of you to let the boy feed the birds, but then you are always nice like that.

a corgi said...

what a neat day!! sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves! that was sweet you spent the time with Warren feeding the birds! I bet it meant a lot to not only him but his mom!

that quilt display sounds interesting; will have to look into it more

great bargains you got at the thrift store!

hoping you and your family have a very happy new year, Kelli!


ADM DESIGN'S said...

I am glad to hear u had a great day.
Happy New Year!

just me said...

Sounds like an awsome day to me.

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