Friday, December 5, 2008

my clothing

Tom got me to thinking. And we have been e mailing back and forth all night. He is a great guy and he got me to think. Which I should not be doing, because it is late I have not had dinner yet, and I still have two quilts to get done.

I think this woman's Sari is just the most beautiful thing I have seen. I am in the process of trying to get my hands on one of these Sari's. One of our marines is from India and I told him that I wanted one. So he said that he would work on it for me. I told the marine that I would wear it to the marine corps birthday ball if he got me one!
I also have clothing from the middle east. My in laws lived there for 20 years, so I have a lot of really nice clothing from that part of the world. At my mother in laws funeral I even wore one of her middle eastern coverings.
This year to the ball I wore a traditional Mexican dress. I loved that dress, and I think I am going to take the dress up, so that I can it all the time.
I wear the clothing because I love it. Why was I born Irish/Native American? I don't like their clothing.
Just for some laughs let me share with you some of my other clothing.... all of which will push the limits.
1. I have a tee shirt that says toughest job in the corp.... marine wife. The single guys laugh, and the wives want to know where I got it.
2. My children were kind enough to buy my a t shirt that says mean people need to be loved too.
3. I have another t shirt that says this is a war... a war of ideas.
4. then there is my favorite outfit. That would be my husbands p.t. gear. Man his sweats are just so comfy. Nothing screams take me baby I am yours like puke Green clothing. I once wore that to the store and some dude chased me down and told me that I was not allowed to wear that in public. I just looked at him and laughed. That little marine was just way to cute.
5. my hats always turn heads. I have a black one and a maroon one. I always place a huge dragonfly pin on them. I think hats are very classy, but people still stare at me.
6. then there are my bib's. I love them! they are so comfy. Now granted I look like farmer fred in them, but hey, they hide the fat.
I guess this year for Christmas I should add to my list "normal clothing". That would be kinda funny since the other item I asked for was a wagon with moster wheels!
Now we all know why my husband has no hair.


Paula said...

You're a mess Kelli, thats why I love ya. I have tee shirts from evrywhere I go. I have one from the Stage Stop restaurant here and when I wear it people ask me whats for lunch or I didn't know you work there.

Linda's World said...

Hey Kelli, I think a Sari is nothing more that a very long piece of fabric wrapped up, over & around the body and then pinned. Back in the 1980's I worked with a gal from India and she wore Sari's to work most days. I bet you could look on Google and figure out how to wrap it. Just a thought. Linda in Washington

a corgi said...

loved reading this; you keep people guessing what you will wear; I think that's neat; I'm so conservative I'm in the tee-shirt and jeans/capri mode

you go girl!! I am proud to call you a friend no matter what you wear and if you decide to wear something interesting and unique when we have lunch again, I will be honored to be seen with you (and I'll cover your back)

enjoy the day; busy one here but its sunny!!!


Amy said...

one of my favourite Tees reads 'Official I Hate People Member'. Heck, yeah.

Chrissie said...

I can't wait to see if he gets you one. The fabrics are just beautiful.
Take care, Chrissie

Martha said...

You are the best! How could anyone not love you! :-)

Pamela said...

There are a whole bunch of India Clothing stores here nearby. If you find one near you, you could go in and try some on and I bet you could make one once you figured out how they are made. From what I hear they are very expensive to buy. But, you should see their store windows! They are gorgeous!
The only thing missing from this entry was PICTURES of you with all of these items on! LOL!

Gerry said...

I want you to get that sari. I read in this novel about India that the author, a white guy, thought that the sari is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear. I am sure you will look beautiful in it. I got a kick out of your list of other clothes you wear. I loved the item about pinning a big dragonfly pin to your hats. Good idea! I am going to start pinning something to mine. Any style ideas are appreciated. Gerry

Nelishia said...

I love the eclectic you with the non traditional clothing. I look good in a Sari and you've got me wanting one. I'd wear it too! People who aren't used to class stare at those wearing hats. I have only just gotten to know Tom a little bit and have found him to be quiet a treasure. I never come away from an encounter with him and not be blessed, smarter and enriched from our conversations. MY DH admires and respects him deeply and they comment on each other's blogs. If I get a Sari, I'll post a pic and link it back to you and your inspiration. PLease post a pic when you get yours.


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