Friday, December 5, 2008

eco friendly friday

Yesterday morning I was standing around watching Rusty unbolt a fuel tank. Now that did not keep my attention for more the a few seconds. I started looking around the parking lot, and I saw a ton of trash.

I went to the warehouse and grabbed the biggest broom I could find. I then started sweeping the parking lot. I found a broke car stereo, lot of beer bottles, some cd's and a ton of just trash.

One of Rusty's co workers came out and said "you missed a spot". O.K., so he is not a tree hugger like me. Even Rusty said "Why bother?"

Well, that is a good question. Why bother cleaning up a parking lot that is off an alley? Will anyone really notice? I noticed. I ended up fill a trash bag with all the crap I swept up.

While I was throwing the trash away another one of Rusty's co workers said "the wineo's will just leave more bottles there tonight."

Today while I was running around I really looked at my community. The parks were clean. The stores I went into were clean. However, there was a lot of trash on the sides of the roads. Does every just see the trash so often that we no longer think about it? Or does everyone just assume that someone else will clean it up.

Now I know that picking up trash out of a parking lot is not as popular as a beach clean up, but why does something have to be popular before it can get done?

Is our community just a public trash can? Since when is it so hard to place your trash in a trash can?

This is the only planet we have and I would like to know who gave everyone the right to trash it.

People need to learn to not only throw their own trash away, but to take a little bit more pride in the community in which they live.

This week I challenge everyone to pick up just a grocery sack of someone Else's trash. That will make a huge impact on our environment, and our communities.


Paula said...

Too bad we don't live near each other. We could be the trash brigade. I do this all time. People just irk me to death even John. He will check his oil then throw a piece of paper on the ground.

Gerry said...

a great entry. I hate gum, gum. People please stop chewing gum if you can't throw it away properly so we don't have little black round spots all over, by the bus stops especially. Sheriff Arpaio here has had the chain gangs cleaning up the freeways of trash endlessly. I thought that was a great idea. I always cuss if my kids litter. I am very disgusted with the amount of trash people throw around the bus top right up here on Central Ave. It is gross. My aunt used to take out sacks and pick up trash along the sidewalks, and she would even pull big weeds! I admired her, and actually people thought she was the No 1 good citizen in the town, and I think that you are a very good citizen as well! I am thinking about your challenge to take a sack and pick up trash. I will see what I can come up with. Gery

Heli gunner Tom said...

Great post, Kelli!!
My wife needs to learn about picking up her own trash.. lol.

As for helicopters.. that IS the sou8nd of freedom, and they are evil in themselves. Actually, many strangers come up to me in public to shake my hand and thank me for being a helicopter crew member, door gunner--who saved many infantry men's life back in Vietnam. To hear them flying above still instantly reminds me of that distant war on the other side of the world.
Thank you for being my friend.

Tom S

Heli gunner Tom said...

Sorry, I meant that choppers are NOT evil in themselves. I need to "proof read" my own comments before I post.

I love clean, hard working people who show initiative by cleaning up the area. You prob know what "police call" means in the military, and it is a good idea to live like mature humans -- not pigs... lol.

Tom S

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