Monday, December 8, 2008


Saturday I ended up having to take a marine down to airport. I asked everyone else in house if they wanted to ride. Only one Marine said yes. So I grabbed Rusty's pars pass card and we headed down.

After we dropped the marine off we headed to Point Loma. That is my favorite spot in SanDiego. The marine that went with me had never been to Point Loma, so I had a blast showing him the base, the light houses, the history and the cliffs. I just love standing high above the ocean and watching the waves crash in.

I said "watch out, the rocks are very slippery". I had just spoken those words when my feet came out from under me. Boom right on back and bum. Yesterday and today I am feeling the pain from that fall. I am scared to look in the mirror. I just know that my whole right side is going to bruse up.

After we got back to town I dropped the marine off at the vfw. Everyone was down there watching the fight. I was heading home when it hit me. I was going home to an empty house. That is a good thing, but then I thought, you know what I am going to go to my girlfriends house. We do not get to spend enough time together. Deb (my friend) had all three of her grand babies, so I set all of them up at the breakfast bar and we colorede paper plates while Deb and I talked. It was so nice to just be able to talk with her.

Then the children were done coloring the plates, so I got out some "magic beans" and we put then in the middle of the plates and stappled the plates closesd. We also placed the "magic beans" in some water bottles. Deb kept laughing at me. She said "only you could take my pinto beans and make instruments and keep those three happy."

That was the best evening I have had in along time. I got to spend some time with a very dear friend, and I kept her grand babies busy while she cooked. For me it was more then that. I was reminded that you dont need anything fancy to make children happy. all we hade were markers, paper plates and beans. The little things are what matters.

Sunday I spent the day wrapping Christmas gifts. I must say that I did very well this year. I limited myself to only four gitfs for each of the children. I do still need to go buy Ryan a few things but that will finish making his four gifts.

I told Rusty that Ryan will be disappointed this year, but there is not a lot we can do about it. Rusty and I both said that we are not going to buy Ryan a bunch of crap that he will never play with. It is getting hard to shop for Ryan. He is 13, but is still functioning low in almost everything. The children here on the block don't play with him, so Ryan spends most of his time either playing video games or watching video games. My mom did buy Ryan a bike, so I am hopeing that he will actually go out and ride it.

Today I have to finish two more quilts. I should be able to get this done, but we all know how that goes. I have no choice but to make the time to finish them since I have already scheduled to drop them off on Wednesday.

Rusty came home the other day and informed that someone we both know would like one of my quilts and asked me if I could just whip up a quilt for him for Christmas. Sure Rusty let me just pull the material out of my bum and let me get with mother time and ask her to give me a few more hours in a day.

I have been quilting for a very long time and I still don't think that Ruaty has a clue as to how much material cost and how much time goes into a quilt! But we all know me. I will some how and some way find the time and the money to get this quilt done.

I will be sure to take pictures of all the quilts so you guy's can see my handi work. I think if I ever lost my fingers I everyone else would cry.

I should go get in a shower and get moving. This day is going to happen weather I am ready for it or not.


Heli gunner Tom said...

Hi Kelli,
I was in a relationship about 10 years ago with a lady from the Denver area, and she spent about $7K for a special quilting sewing machine, and she was in a ladies quilting clutch. You are right--expensive

I collect knives and other edged weapons, and I miss my old motorcycle.. boo hoo. But, I am back into guitar and that gives me great pleasure.

Tom Tom

Tightening the Corset Again said...

Hope you found a way to squeeze out a bit more time! Youre amazing!


nancybrownowl said...

hi kelli , I am new to the blogs here have been enjoying your storys your quillting sounds nice I cant thread a needle I wish you and your family well from nancybrownowl. GOD BLESS.

Melissa said...

sorry u fell, get better soon

a corgi said...

I haven't been to Point Loma in ages, but I like the lighthouse, etc too! need to get down there; sorry about your fall! I know what you mean about trying to find things for Ryan for Christmas, but I agree with you; you can't keep buying things if he won't use them; hoping he will ride the bike!


LYN said...

the quilts are amazing...

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