Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can I brag?

There are a few rules in my house. The number one rule is do not wake me from a nap unless someone is dead. Which did happen a few years back. Anyway, Nikki came in and woke me up and said come on mom we need to go. I just stared at Nikki.

Chris, the boyfriend, got kicked out again. Great! So while I am getting my shoes on Nikki is on the phone calling some people from church, and trying to find a place for Chris to live. Amber is cleaning out both of our cars.

So off we go to get Chris. Both of the cars are ready to be load with everything he owns.

Nikki gets a call back that Chris can live with another young couple from church. O.K. we now have a place for him to live. Then Nikki asks me a question about the mother from hell. The best way I can describe this women is like a chocolate Easter bunny. They are both hollow and have nothing inside. The mother from hell may look good on the outside, but wow, watch out because you get past her shell,... well it is really sad.

Amber, Nikki, and Chris start loading all of his belongings into our cars. Then he was told to take his cat, or she (the mother) would have it put to sleep. So we grab the cat.

Amber went home and I took Nikki and Chris to a job interview. ( Thanks Betty...she helped find this job) After that it was back home to grab some dinner and then they went to youth group.

After youth group Amber and I loaded up the cat and we went and got Nikki and Chris and took Chris to his new home. There are a few ground rules that Chris needs to follow. As long as he stays there he must go to church if the doors are open, he must finish high school and he must find a job. Chris agreed to those rules.

Last night the girls got on craigslist and looked for some stuff for Chris and they even posted an ad for some stuff that he needs.

Here I sit this morning. I am very proud of the girls for pulling together to help someone out. Amber even offered to take Chris along to pass out flyer's and make some extra money.

Now I have a few tasks at hand. I am going to take some food over to Chris and that will help everyone out. I need to look for a bus schedule, so that he can take the bus to and from work, once he gets a job. I will need to teach this child how to budget his money, do his laundry, and other little things that his mother should have taught him.

Oh, I almost forgot, I told Chris, and the people that he is living with, that I did not want any trouble for them. So if anyone asks where he is living he is to tell them that he is living at my house. I know that they mother from hell will not come over her and confront me! Rusty Laughed and said "Well if she did that would be the biggest mistake she ever made. But I could sell tickets and make some money, while everyone watches you pound her into the ground."

Yesterday was kinda crazy around here, so today I need to get that quilt done, but since it is raining I am not seeing me leave the house, so lets hope I can get it done.


Indigo said...

Yes, you can brag. Your daughters are showing the same beauty of spirit that their mother has. I'm glad Chris is out of there and in a much safer, loving environment. As for the mother, I can't say I wouldn't want to pound the life out of her myself. (Hugs)Indigo

Traci said...

Wonderful that your family can pull together and get the job done. So sad that his mother is so worthless. She will regret it all later on. Her loss for sure. Your girls are learning valuable lessons due to your actions! Good luck on the kids finding jobs!

a corgi said...

what does Chris need? email me and let me know; maybe we have some things in storage not being used right now. hope the job works out; I thought right of your family when I saw it

you are raising compassionate kids!!!! nice that Nikki/Amber are picking up those characteristics from you because of your kindness!!

so sad that Chris' mom couldn't get her act together and do her responsibilty in raising her child.


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Your daughters are showing the same beauty of spirit that their mother has. Glad to hear that Chris is out of there and in a much safer, loving environment

Melissa said...

wow, that is so nice of all of yall pitching in to help Chris. I bet he is so thankful. :)

Gerry said...

yes, there is always a new interesting crisis going on at your house, and I just went to your latest slideshow and watched your kids and snow. I was interested to see a photo of Ryan. He is taller than I thought he would be! None of your kids are little children anymore. Well, you have a kind heart no matter how you might bluster at times, and this entry shows it, with what is being done for Chris. I have just been reading this book by a guy whose wicked stepmother persisted until she got him lobotomized at 12 years old! His dad was mean, too and agreed to it. His mother died when he was 4. There are some very mean mothers in this world. She was the one who was mentally ill as it sounds like this mother is. They can do a lot of damage to their kids confidence and ability to thrive and survive. Gerry

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

These are my kinda reads ~ Loving those who love others and are willing to take the next step. Thanks for the link and sharing whats really real.
Take care,

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