Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas eve

So, here it is Christmas eve. I am not going anywhere today, but I do have a lot of people coming here. Tonight's numbers should top around 20 extra people. Some will stay for Christmas and some are are leaving to go home. I still can't believe that two of the marines are driving to Montana on Christmas day!
Tonight we are going to drink home made eggnog...spiked! My mom makes the best eggnog ever. We are also going to make ginger bread houses. This should be very interesting.... drunk marines trying to make ginger bread houses. Yes, I will get pictures.
My mom and daughters are on my nerves. My mom can't just "be". She thinks that if the dishes sit in the sink over night that we are all going to die. I just don't care.
My mom does not recycle, so I have to dig threw our trash and pull all the stuff out.
My mom babies Ryan. I do not. My mom caters to his every whim. Once my mom leaves I will have to reprogram Ryan and remind that he can do certain things and that I am not his waitress or maid.
The girls just follow my mom's lead. So I am trying not to cause waves. I am just letting it all go. I keep reminding myself that she leaves on Friday..... if Chicago is not snowed in.
I do need to go get some last minute cleaning done, oh.... I went to the islands last night!


a corgi said...

LOL Kelli! I'm glad you got your island trip.......

Merry Christmas!! grandmothers are supposed to spoil their grandkids and then they leave

the marines driving to Montana! wow that is going to be a trip!! I hope they don't get into too much weather on the way!

I hope you have a great day; sounds like a fun evening with eggnog and gingerbread houses


Michelle said...

Merry Christmas Kellie!

Sounds like a great Christmas eve to me!!!

Have a great time!!!



Melissa said...

sorry ur nerves are being got on...wohhoo, u went to the island!!!

Tightening the Corset Again said...

Have a beautiful Christmas! Love and Hugs!


Paula said...

Glad you finally got to the islands. Bet your happier today.

Missie said...

Merry Christmas!

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Merry Christmas! That's good you went to the island

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