Thursday, December 11, 2008

eco friendly friday..... socks

For the past few weeks I have been reminding myself that I need to go buy Ryan new socks. But every time I went to the store I would forget.

Today I was sewing away and that is when it hit me. Why am I buying Ryan socks? I have a drawer full of mens socks that I got in a box of stuff. So I went and pulled out seven pairs and wrote a big R on the bottom.

Now what to do with all the old socks. I must say that the socks are very worn, so most of them wont be of much use. Or could they?

I am going to gather up all of his old sock and take a look at them. I will throw some in Rusty's rag box ..... I have no idea what he does with them, but I know he uses them. I will throw some in my rag box. They are good enough to scrub the toilet with or they can clean up pet barf.

So one the hunt I went for ways to reuse old socks and here is what I found.

1. When dusting or cleaning, simply slip the sock over your hand and use it to wipe down anything in the home.
2. Fill a sock with rice or wheat, heat in the microwave for a few seconds, and use it as a heating pad.
3. You can certainly make a sock puppet, or two, or three ...
4. Put a ball inside and tie off the end to make a tug toy for a dog. Or fill with catnip for a kitty.
5. Fill with leftover soap pieces and use in the washing machine for washing delicates.

6. Shoe Polisher. Rather than ruining one of your good rags for shoe polishing, employ an old sock. The soft fabric is a good buffer and will give your shoes a nice shine.

7. Tidy Pedicure. Use old socks to protect your bedding while giving yourself an overnight pedicure. Rub Vaseline or another thick cream on your feet and cover them with old socks. Overnight your feet with be moisturized and softened, all without getting anything sticky on your bed sheets.

Please feel free to leave me your suggestions on some other way's to use old socks.

Just think today I saved green by going green, and using what I had instead of buying something again.


a corgi said...

those were all good things to do with socks!! I never thought of half of them; mine usually end up going in the trash, but I'll think about re-using them now :)


LIZ said...


nancybrownowl said...

hi Kellie loved your story on odd socks i find plenty here i often wonder where they disappear to or am I married to a one legged man lol take care and god bless xx from nancy xx

Heli gunner Tom said...

Wow! I am so glad I dropped in to say 'Hey' ! I will have to cut and past all your cool ideas for using old socks, but we have a 'standing order' in my house to save old, bet up clothes for future rags... lol.

Have a super great day, dear heart!

Tom S

Trees said...

Hi this is my frist time visiting your blog, my friend Nancy in Scotland recommended I come for a visit, I really find your blog interesting. Great ideas for the old socks, I have heard some of them, but not all, the one about the vaselene on your feet and socks at night interested me as I have diabetes and my feet have been in rough shape, I have been doing pedicures myself and will try this as well.

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