Tuesday, December 30, 2008

nice weather

Yesterday was an awesome day for me.
The weather was nice, so I got outside and trimmed all of my rose bushes back. I must say that the house now looks bare, but I know that in the spring they will start to grow, and by the end of summer they will be almost to the roof top.
I went to the 99 cent store and bought a ton of conditioner. They actually have this expensive conditioner that is only sold in beauty shops. So I stocked up on that.... o.k. I bought 20 bottles of it. But the girls are happy.
Then I took Nikki and Ryan out to McDonald's, and we went to the lake and had a picnic. We had not done that in a very long time, so it was nice to spend that time with them.
I got my next quilt cut out. I have never done this pattern, so I hope that it turns out! I am doing a black cat with a purple back ground. This quilt will be going to one of the marines babies. I made this little girl a quilt when she was born, but she has grown since then. I know go figure. But I figured since her birthday is in February She will get a new quilt from me. I really hope that quilt turns out because if it does then I am going to make more of them.
Nikki cooked dinner last night. I must say that she did a good job! I was very proud of her.
Last night Rusty and I curled up in bed and we watched the bucket list. I can't remember the last time Rusty and I watched a movie together. We both have very different taste in movies.
Rusty and I even had old people sex last night. Everything was great and then Rusty got a leg cramp! LOL I just had to laugh. I am so glad that Rusty and I can laugh about these things.
Today it is suppose to be nice again, so I need to get the garage cleaned up a little bit more. Most of the Christmas stuff is already put away, but there are still a few items left. I know that soon we will have another storm blow in and then I wont be able to get outside, so I better take advantage of the nice weather now.
One of the marines is looking for a cable or something, so that I can hook up my camera and download the pictures. But until then I want to talk about a gift I got that just made me laugh.
We need to go back about six years ago. My in laws had just moved back from the middle east, and that year we all went to Sea World. My father in law must have bought one of everything that Sea World sold. We were almost to the gate when my father in law grabbed Rusty's arm and said "I forgot something".
Rusty said "What could you possibly have forgotten?" So off they went. My father in law came back with a stuffed manatee and a manatee key chain for me. He over heard me mention that I liked the manatee.
I still have my stuffed manatee, and the key chain is very dirty. This year for Christmas Nikki bought me a manatee cup and a new manatee key chain. I just laughed. It brought back so many memories.
I use that cup everyday. It hold one can of coke, and that is all I am allowed to have anyway.


Heli gunner Tom said...

Trimming back the rose bushes is really dangerous! If you get stuck by a thorn it carries a weird fungus that can infect you. Always wear gloves and long sleeves.
My stuffed up sinuses are much better today too so I can sleep right and BREATH! Woo Woo! I got some T-bones for New Years Eve and wine. We will be cozy.

Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70.

Traci said...

I'm glad life is good over there! It is here too! Sun is shining. Warm outside. All to change tomorrow but still.

Melissa said...

im glad u had a nice day

a corgi said...

I bet that manatee is so cute!!! what a cute story!! glad you had a chance to be outside doing some yard work when we are having this beautiful weather!

(I'm so for going to that big house and ringing the doorbell; that would be a kick!)


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