Tuesday, December 30, 2008

we as parents....

I just got off the phone with a girlfriend that I do not speak to nearly enough. I heard through the grape vine that she was having a hard time. So I picked up the phone and called.
My friend Kim is having issues with her son Garrett. He has not been home in 12 day's, he is running around with some "less the desirable" girl, and Kim does not even know what else.
Kim is not alone in this. If you have raised a teenager, you know all about teen rebellion. I guess what really hit me like a ton of bricks was the fact that Garrett comes from a very well off family.
Every year Garrett goes on the mission trips with Nikki, and every year the money just appears for him. Last year Garrett wanted to go to Fiji, so his parents just gave him the money to go. Garrett wears the best clothes and shoes. If money can buy it Garrett has it.
What struck me was the fact that it really does not matter what your economic status is, teens are just hard. I guess I just always assumed that if you had the money to give your children everything, and they wanted for nothing that they would be grateful little shits. I guess I was wrong.
I told Kim that I would be calling her every day until she is o.k. I will be her rock to lean on, and if I see Garrett I am going to kick his ungrateful butt!
On to a happier note. Today I was flipping through a local magazine and I discovered that the Oceanside museum of modern art is having a quilt expo! I called Rusty today and I was just so excited about. Rusty finally said "Do I have to go?" I told him no that this was girl's day out and that he was staying home with Ryan.
So tomorrow Niiki and I are going to go get George (female marine) and we are going to quilt expo. The price is right too! It is free. So I am going to pack us up a lunch and after the expo we can go have lunch on the beach.
I am so looking forward to this!


nancybrownowl said...

i kellie i see your still busy as ever smashing keep in contact with your friend she will be needing a friend just now have a happy new year x nancybrownowl i just missed you online

Paula said...

Good for you Kelli. You are a good friend to this lady and I'm sure she appreciates it. Enjoy your day out. Everytime you speak of George it reminds me of our insurance lady agent. Her name is Chester.

Missie said...

I'm sure your friend really appreciated that you took the time to call her. We all need more friends like you!

Chrissie said...

Teens are hard period money or not.
I hope you enjoy your day out and take pics I love quilts. You all will have a great day.
Take care, Chrissie

a corgi said...

actually I think its the teens that have the most access to money that usually end up messing up the most; they sometimes think they can get away with anything. but being a teen, as you know, is hard! that is kind of you Kelli to call your friend and keep track of her during this time; she'll be so grateful and appreciative for sure!

enjoy your outing tomorrow at the quilt expo! sounds like lots of fun!!!

if you can take some pictures to share


Heli gunner Tom said...

We need a few more million women like you in America! I wish I had more friends like you too.
Have fun at the quilting outing.


LIZ said...

What a sweet gesture to reach out to your friend in need. That is so awesome!!! So glad I have you in my corner!!!



Gerry said...

Do they let you take photos? I love the quilt expo at the State Fairs. They take me back to yesterday. Yes, the teen rebellion is always a shock. I remember thinking that I had been hit by meteor when Raymond entered his teens. But I had some preparation with Gary hitting his, so I was prepared for self assertion and worried Mom days. Gerry

Melissa said...

i never understood that, i wish my parents were well off..i was struggling as a kid and still is, and I was never a rebellious child..u could ask my folks. I was always "the good girl", and I never got any appreciation for it, still dont.

Merry'sthoughtshopesdreamsandshemes said...

Hi,I came to your blog via another (Mutual, I think ) fiend's Blog. I haven't vistied yours before. But I think you have lots of very good thoughts for your own family and friends, and anyone who visits your Blog. I am Merry, and my blog should show up below. I came via your Blog from Lisa's "Please Don't Take Life For Granted." And I betcha we have mutual aquaintences. I really liked your Blog. Merry

Oh, It's been several years since we dealt with a teenager, but NOT to many for to remember the difficulties inolved going through that stage of lie. It's tough for most kids (& their parents.)

Nelishia said...

Go get Garrett and beat his ungrateful butt. Teenagers are very difficult. Sometimes I think when they are just handed whatever they want or need without having to earn it they have no respect or appreciation for it. Spoiled or unspoiled they are just hard cases. Get on him when you see him.

I hope the three of you had a good time at the quilt expo and took lots of pictures.


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