Monday, December 15, 2008

I got a baby

Here in southern California we are getting hammered with rain. Some places are suppose to get snow, but I don't think we will see any of it. I am not going to complain about the rain, because we really need the rain. The sad thing is our ground is so dry, and the rain is coming down so fast, that most of the water is running off.
I got a new foster kitten this weekend. He is just so cute! I only have one baby this time, and he is about 3 or 4 weeks old. I will have to take a picture of him.
Rusty is coming back from 29 Palm early, so he should be in sometime today. I so want to see him. When Rusty left he was feeling really bad and he just wanted to curl up and sleep. Poor guy, I will pamper him tonight.
Well, Nikki's boyfriend spent the night last night. His mom kicked him out of the house......again. I do feel bad for this kid. He is a good kid, his mom is just strung out on booze and pills. So I don't know how long he will be here, if his mom sobers at all day I am sure she will call him. I keep telling this kid, you know you just have get your diploma and then I would join the military and never look back.
I need to go get some bread started, and I need to get the chili in the crock pot. Rusty loves this meal. Laundry is on my list and I have to work on that quilt. However since it is raining, it will be a good day to stay at home and get everything done.


a corgi said...

it is a good day to stay at home and sew and cook! that chili sounds delicious!! so cute you have a new kittie to foster this time of year!! so sad about Nikki's boyfriend; I don't know why parents kick their kids out! Geesh; my son has a friend whose mom kicked him out this past weekend; long story but I can't have the kid here since he lives over where we used to live and is a high school student; can't have son driving him back and forth to school; too many problems if we start that, know what I mean?? but I kept them warm and dry last night, not sure about what he'll do tonight.I'm going to email you a job I saw on craigslist in case Amber wants to go and check it out tomorrow

so glad Rusty is coming home today!

I changed my work schedule 3 days a week to start working at 11:30 instead of 8;30 so after the holidays and your mom goes home, maybe we can do a breakfast/brunch some Monday, Tuesday or Thursday morning?


Chrissie said...

Glad your hubby is on the way home. Sounds like a great day to stay indoors and do what you like to do and some of the chores too.
I feel sorry for kids like her boyfriend because their parents just don't give a damn. There are many here that way. And people wonder why we have so many adults that are messed up in the head it starts at home..bad parents.
Enjoy your day. We're getting rain too, but suppose to snow tonight. I just don't like ice.
Take care, Chrissie

natalie said...

hi Kelli!
How cool that Rusty is coming home!
Hey that chili sounds yummy!
I always say this but you are such a great mommy!To your kids and now to nikki's boyfriend!

LIZ said...

We are having snow here in Yucca Valley where I work. We got reports that the grade is closed so your hubby may not be able to get through to go home. I dont know if he has left yet but you might want to let him know.

Small Footprints said...

It sounds like you have such a busy life. It also sounds like you are the best kind of care giver ... taking in boys and kittens who need a home!

Glad your husband is coming home ... maybe the care giver will get taken care of for awhile.

Small Footprints

Melissa said...

id love to see pics of the kitten

Martha said...

Can't wait to see the picute of the new baby. I think you gave that young man some wonderful advice. It scares me in these times when kids go into the military, but it's so often their best choice - especially when they come from a home like he does. So glad Rusty is coming home - have a great time :-)

Gerry said...

I saw the new slideshow of the rain and the baby at your house. We are getting some of that rain, too, here in Phoenix. Just as long as it doesn't rain too hard, you will be good and so will we. We need it, too. Gerry

ADM DESIGN'S said...

That good Rusty is coming home!
The chili sounds yummy

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