Monday, December 1, 2008

you asked

I had one person ask me via e mail for a picture of my Grinch and to see a picture of me in the red dress. Lyn, also asked, so here you ladies go.

Yep that was me about five years ago. Look at how skinny my arms are. Last night I told Rusty what I wrote about. He said that he loves the women I am today.

I was just settling into bed last night. I had some anti vomit medicine, so Tylenol p.m., I had all my favorite blankets and I was watching the Amazing race. Life was good.

Then Nikki comes running into our room just crying. She jumps in bed between Rusty and I. Nikki puts her head on Rusty's chest and she won't stop crying. O.K. I can't handle this. My head hurts. Whoever made my daughter cry is going to get their ass kicked.

Once we got Nikki calmed down here is what we heard. Nikki was over at the "boyfriends" house and she made him a birthday cake. Well the cake did not turn out. So everyone in the family made fun of her. Even the "adults" in the house. Nikki was so heart broken.

O.K. I have issues with this whole family, but now they have put my daughter in tears. Then we hear the "boyfriend" walk in. Rusty gets out of bed. I said "Tell the marines to kick his ass".

Rusty walks out into the living room and says "Listen here you little fuck head if you or your family ever puts my daughter in tears again I ...."

This morning we are waiting to see if the "boyfriend" shows up. Nikki is/was going to make him homemade donuts for his birthday.

This morning I asked the marines why they did not kick the shit of the "boyfriend". They all looked at me and one finally said "because you did not tell us to. But now he is 18, so the next time this happens we will take care of it."

So why do I let this "relationship" go on? That is an easy one. I have tried to talk to Nikki. I have stuck up for Nikki when the family runs her down. I have tried to show Nikki that there is no pleasing a women ( the boyfriend mom) who is addicted to pain pills, and booze. I have tried until I have nothing left to try with.

The big picture is this. Nikki is not pregnant. She is not having sex, She is not doing drugs. She gets good grades. She brings joy to a room just by walking into it. So I figure arguing over the boyfriend is getting me nowhere. This is a life lesson that she will have to learn.

Nikki will have to learn that "love" does not hurt. Nikki will have to learn that they are hypocrites in this world. The boyfriends mother is often the first to criticize everyone else and she will put herself on a pedestal. But the reality is that she is a drunk who is addicted to pills.

These are life lessons that I can't teach Nikki. I know that the fall will be a hard one, but I have told her. Like good parents Rusty and I will be there when she falls.

Let's face it. The only guy a teenage can count on is her dad.

Oh great the little fuck head just walked in.


mamaof4qts said...

the grinch ornament is very creative. I hope Nicci learns her lesson sooner than later. She doesn't need somebody who would allow her to be treated like that

a corgi said...

loved the Grinch ornament and you looked gorgeous in that red dress and you look gorgeous now!!!

I have found with relationships/friendships it is sometimes better to be there at the end of them and not to say too much in the middle of them. I think sometimes if they think we don't like the friendships/relationships, they are that much more likely to maintain such a thing when it starts going bad just to "spite the parents" (hubby's first marriage was exactly that). Its sad though that the mother of Nikki's boyfriend is so cruel; not a good example to be setting for her children


PlantBuddy said...

Thanks for dropping by today. Loved your comments and am following you too.
Mother/Daughter stuff is really hard. You feel for them so much when they get hurt. But she'll bounce back. Get her interested in some new hobbies and making new friends. She will soon forget "the boyfriend" when she recognizes something better on the horizon. Just my view.

just me said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I understand your reasoning with the boyfriend. I am glad that she has parents that will be there for her in the end.

Lori said...

Well I can't wait to hear how this turns out. You're right, she's going to have to learn this lesson herself. You guys have told her what she needs to know, and you are there for her, the rest is up to her. I hope the "boyfriend" either straightens up and starts sticking up for her or that she can pull away from him. It's great that she has all those Marine "big brothers" to help look out for her though.

LYN said...

I think you look better today than in that pic so there!!

little fuck head beeter tread carefully...LOL

Heli gunner Tom said...

I can speak from experience that even if you think you are a good parent who has instilled bible principles in your kids, they may still make the wrong choices, and boy friends can be "smooth." Personally, now that I am older and more savvy and retired, I don't ever hang around jerky people, even at church! "Tough Love may be the only thing you have left after all the years of council."

It nice to have the muscle [Marines] available. And you look beautiful now days!! Woo Woo!
Hope things turn out for the best.
You and your hubby could sit down with the boyfriend and your daughter and ask him why he doesn't stick up for your daughter.. and then shame him in her eyes for the puck that he is.

Take care,
Tom Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70

Nelishia said...

I am going to have to copy this picture and make my own Grinch ornament.

Just one question. Where did Rusty put the body? lol

Nikki must have no self esteem even with all her positive accomplishments to put herself through all of this drama unnecessarily. It was such a sweet family picture that she has you all to fall back on no matter what.

You are so thin and pretty and red suits you. I think you're pretty now too so don't be hard on yourself. You still have it going on.


Lisa said...

Kelli, love the grinch ornament. Give Nikki a hug for me, Hugs Lisa

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