Sunday, November 30, 2008

some light bulb moments

Here I sit on Sunday evening. I should be sewing, but my eyes are hurting so bad, so I thought I would come stare at the screen and make them hurt even more!
Thanksgiving was good for us. We had a nice meal and I am thankful for everyone that showed up. I do not mind getting the china out, and doing all of that. I figure it is least I can do for the marines.
Over the weekend a bunch of us helped Rusty clean out the garage. I am still amazed at all the crap we have gotten rid of. One of things I found this weekend was a tub full of beach toy's. It has been at least two years since I even hauled those toys down to the beach. We even found old ice cream containers in there. You would think with as much as we moved this year that there would not be any crap left, but we are still finding it.
I also found some pictures that were in a frame. There is a picture of me in this beautiful Oriental red dress. I was so skinny then! I use to straighten my hair and I would get my nail done. I would even get up and put make up on. I must wonder what happened to that lady.
Is that really me in the picture? Why have I let myself go so much? That picture was only taken five years ago. I know I am not the same women I was back then, but I do wish that I had body again.
Another picture I found was one of Rusty in his dress blues. That picture was taken the same year as the one of me in red dress. Rusty stood so tall in that picture, and he looked so good in his uniform. Rusty would never be able to squeeze into that uniform now.
I guess we both have changed a lot in five years. I wonder if Rusty wants me to be the woman I was five years ago.
I really did not feel like decorating for Christmas this year. I knew it would have to get done because Ryan would not understand why we were not having Christmas. Amber said that she wanted to decorate, so I let her.
Then I went out to the garage to look for a candy dish, and I started looking through all the boxes of Christmas stuff. I think only one of 50 nativity scenes got put out this year. None of the stuff animals got put out. None of the Christmas books. All the stuff that I thought made Christmas was still sitting in boxes. I guess my idea of Christmas and the children's ideas have changed. What I hold of value, my children do not.
Now we have the Christmas tree issue. Amber is sulking because she wants a real tree. Rusty asked me if I was going to go buy a new tree and not use the charlie brown tree. NO! we are using the damn charlie brown tree! First of all a real tree is not tin the budget, and neither is buying a new fake tree.....even if they are only $20.
So one of the marines put the tree together for me. And yes in true redneck fashion, we are missing one leg, so we used a brick instead! I even picked out a few ornaments to put on. Later this evening I will let the children pick out the ones they want to use.
One of the ornaments that I picked was a light bulb that was painted like the Grinch. As soon as I hung it up I call my girlfriend Linda and said "guess what I just hung up?" Linda just laughed and said "I just hung up the marine and the flag you made me!" I do hope that my children will have friends like Linda and I. We don't speak a lot but when we do we always laugh and make a memory.
Oh my head hurts. I should go eat something and take something for this, but tonight I have to watch the amazing race. So I have to stay awake until that is over.


natalie said...

dearest Kelli,
awww! You are such a wonderful mom and wife!:)well I think you are gonna' find Rusty thinks you look awesome! I sure do!
Yes it seems that kids outgrow our favorite holiday things way faster than we adults too (I too have experienced this).. I mean don't even get into stocking stuffers!
Anyhow you are so lucky to have your dear friend Linda! You are a great friend to have too!:)
p.s I hope your eyes feel better
I love it! the Charlie Brown tree!

a corgi said...

I don't think I would want to be the person I was 5 years ago; so much has happened since that time and so much good growth spiritually; and I don't think I liked my weight back then; nope, I didn't.

I don't think we're doing much decorating for Christmas this year; I don't think we'll be much around the house

so glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! so nice you had such a great crowd there :)


LYN said...

you are gorgeous woman! can i see the pic tho..LOL
have a good week!
8 days and a wake up foe me..i'm a bit manic at the mo!!

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