Wednesday, November 12, 2008

young people and love

For us last weekend was such a long weekend. The marines arrived here on Friday and did not leave until this morning. Then we had the ball and our lives went on even if the marines did not have to work.

Over this long weekend Rusty and I went in very opposite directions. Both of us working for a common goal, but work at different ends. Last night when Rusty came home he dropped all his stuff on the floor, put on his sweat paints and went to see what new updates were added to this computer game he plays.

Rusty was sitting on the floor looking at one of the marines computers, and that is when I just walked up and sat in his lap. I just wanted to be close to Rusty. I just wanted to smell him and to have him touch me.

Today while I was doing all of my running around I thought about all the different conversations I had with the marines over the weekend. Sad to say that I learned that most of them do not know what love is. I know they are young, but I think they have the wrong idea.

One of the marines thinks he loves this gal in another state. He hung out with her for a month, and she loves to have sex. Hmm.... you have known her for a month and she loves to have sex? Well who is she having sex with while you are here? And why are you driving to the air port to pick up a married chick if you are in love with this other gal?

Another marine can't figure out why she gets plays so much. Hmm...could it be because you put out on the first "date". I found out this morning that this marine drove to have sex with someone else and then could not figure out why she felt so empty and dirty.

One of the marines is getting married in January and I just found out that he was going to call off the wedding because he thought he would have a shot with someone else. What? While you were in Iraq your girl went through boot camp, moved four states away, planned a wedding, and waited on YOU and now you think the grass might be greener.

I don't get it. Do young people not know that there is a difference between love and sex. Do they not realize the damage that they are doing to themselves?

I am no saint, and I am not on a moral high horse, but I just wish these kids would not play a dangerous game. I wish that these kids would look around and see what love is.

Love is so much more then sex. Then again maybe this is something they will have to learn on their own, and not something that can be taught.


Tightening the Corset Again said...

Oh honey... I just wish I could take all of their precious, hopeful, hungry faces into my hands and say, "please... value yourself"... How can you make people understand that if they keep giving away parts of themselves and chasing love that is only skin deep, that they will always feel empty? How can you teach them that true love takes time... that you don't "fall" into love... that you grow into love... and that anyone worth having is worth the time it takes to get to know...

Indigo said...

I think it's something they can't be taught and need to learn on their own. Take me for example, I used to believe love came with a fist. These days I know better and wouldn't trade Paul for the world. Maybe it's something you discover with age and temperance...I know I wished I'd discovered what it truly was years ago. (Hugs)Indigo

Melissa said...

sadly alot of ppl dont know what true love really is

Traci said...

I think that there isn't enough discussion from their parents. No one teaches them to value themselves. It's very sad. I'm hoping to do a better job with my girls. Good post! Thought provoking!

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